ZOOTOPIA 2 – Judy and Nick's New Adventures… Story Theories

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Zootopia aka. Zootropolis hit theaters in 2016 and beat just about every record there was to break at the time. Even today, the movie is still one of the most popular Disney films. Rightly so, we believe, as Zootopia has succeeded in becoming a film that is truly for everyone, with an exciting story and enough grown-up humor. There has been speculation for a long time whether and when a second part will be released.

00:00 Zootopia 2
00:54 What Happened So Far
02:13 How It Could Continue
02:45 A World To Explore
03:38 Another Lovestory
04:37 Mafia Police Story
05:31 Class Society
06:18 Genre Shake-Up
06:43 Dirty Government Secrets
07:54 Nick’s Dad
08:24 When Is Zootopia 2 Coming?

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  1. A. Wrong, Judy did not have a crush on Nick. It's a Disney movie and friendships are displayed with love. Moana didn't fall in love nor did she want to with Maui. They are friends.
    B. Judy did not have it rough because she is a "girl cop", she had it rough because she is a bunny. How do you not connect that? "There has never been a Bunny cop! Never!"
    C. "Xenophobia" really dude? Leave the wokeness out of this!

  2. I just hope Disney doesn't pull a Disney and shoehorn a hamfisted political commentary into an honestly great IP.

  3. Why don't we just have a good old alien attack?

    Sorry. Just rewatched Independence Day (1996) and couldn't resist throwing it in. 😜

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  5. In today's episode of our #KinoCheckOriginals we discuss story theories for a possible ZOOTOPIA 2 – In the meantime you can check out the new series ZOOTOPIA+ on Disney+ starting November 9!

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