Yungblud on mental health and his ADHD diagnosis | Louis Theroux Interviews – BBC

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Yungblud opens up to Louis Theroux about his mental health, ADHD and the impact it has on his career.

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  1. Yungblud has been my whole life since discovering his music. As someone who struggles to feel good I play his music and I find myself at peace. It's my happy place no matter the songs

  2. Just listening to this is depressing. The guys obviously deeply sad. Amazes me that these type of people think it's a good idea to promote their ideas to kids.

  3. I've never seen him or heard of his stuff until I checked out his shit lmao and yeah SHIT IT WAS.. lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 made my day 🤣

  4. Awesome loved it and I can relate to the issues , delete all the other vids lol so this one can stay😅

  5. The fear of being alone is avoidance. A calmer mind and lighter existence comes from the confrontation and acceptance of the shadow, the within, the beyond.

  6. I’ve heard how he treats his touring staff. Absolutely not into whatever this kid is selling. Awful.

  7. Its like there is a requirement to "making it" in showbusiness to have a mental health issue. Is there any celebrity without it now? Alarm bells: you must be mental to want to be in that business!

  8. As someone who suffers with ADHD, I can 100% confirm that the girl being interviewed is fraudulent.

  9. Amazing how he help youngsters. Just because you have a dark core doesn’t mean you cant bring out the brightest light. People with darkest hours comes out stronger. Funny how we still put people in certain criteria. Im surprise about Louis comment about risks. I think its a blessing that teens has yungblud. The stories this teenagers telling, its amazing how strong they really are although they might not feel that way now. Im so moved by this fanbase.He might not be the answer to their problems but he certainly is the strength in their darkest hours and the light to what they want to feel in the future. We should be grateful they found someone that connects them that understands what they go through and give them that energy and support. No one can guarantee on risks. Not even a doctor. Its the moment that counts that gives people that moment of peace, belonging, and to feel other feelings than your own struggles. It helps teens to move forward and live to fight for another day to overcome their struggles . I say give Yungblud that Arena in as many countries possible and people will flock. Once you’ve been to his concert, you will come back regardless you like the genre or not.Its an experience you don’t want to miss. That energy and connection is just unique vibe that is both universal and can’t be shaken off

  10. Imagine if he was incorrectly diagnosed and he’s spent his whole life taking dexys and that’s why he can’t sleep

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