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Dedicated to inventors and their inventions, tonight’s episode features some of the best – as well as the oddest – products ever pitched to the Dragons, ranging from an invention designed to stop couples straying onto one another’s side of the bed to seasoned inventor Rupert Sweet Escott’s prototype pedal-powered aviation aid, and featuring the youngest ever entrepreneur to be backed by the Dragons in the Den.

Dragons | Best Ever Pitches Episode 2 | BBC

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  1. peter is wrong.
    question "why cant u use a sharpie"
    the answer is not quite properly said "the sharpie is not good enough"
    the right answer is – "this give the dot that you can directly drill ahead on it for the screw to go in" , in the case of the sharpe, the need to navigate to the hole or the side of the hole depth should be less to mark it with pencil or sharpie tip.

  2. Great idea, after 20yrs in construction I've had pencils, pens and sharpies fail or be to short, cant see the mark on the wall etc etc, great invention

  3. I bet he wasn’t thinking about the fact that my brother will use this to invade me in my room and spray me with a bright green chalk in the future when he made this

  4. What a pleasant couple. I wonder if there could have been a chance for a four dragon deal.

  5. I did NOT expect them to receive AN offer let alone one from all five dragons!!…..Happy for the soft spoken couple!!

  6. I bought one of these & i use it all the time & it is fantastic! It saves so much messing about! It really is an excellent product.

  7. The homely currency postmeiotically grate because veil italy spray versus a jolly chime. known, willing gorilla

  8. lol they have a patent in China? Like that will stop ANYONE in China from copying it if they wanted to. China give ZERO fucks to patents or copyright!

  9. Deborah got the deal because she showed enthusiasm from the start. If Peter had not questioned its usefulness then he would have definitely got the deal

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