1. It’s great to see Jonah hill back on the scene and taking in more projects plus Eddie Murphy … I mean cmon what a great combo of artistic and comedic and skilled actors

    Netflix does a hit or miss when it comes to shows and films … so I’m curious how this plays out … looking forward

  2. haha racial stereotype jokes for 2 hours
    they butt heads with each others family but then something dramatic happens and they come together at the end.

  3. More woke cringe. And that's coming from me, a mixed person. Representing interracial relationships with paid actors is so patronizing and inauthentic, I'd prefer if they didn't do it at all.

  4. “Did we ever figure out what happened with the potatoes, can we get a eta on those”😂💀

  5. More Hollywood shite. It crap like this that has made me switch to Korean films. Not obsessed with race or politics, so much better.

  6. Jonah has the ability to go down as one of the greatest in film history.

    Can't wait to see more work from him in the future

  7. This is like trying to create one of those films that was A-OK 10/15 years ago in todays "woke" culture. Jonah Hill opposite Kirk Lazarus should be a good mix! This is going to be hilarious, can't wait!

  8. Netflix is so on the edge of tomorrow and in the future beyond all of us leading the way into the future content that we will all eventually learn to love. I honestly don’t know how they do it….

  9. What’s that? Oh wait a minute there’s going to be friction between the white guy and the black guy….

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