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  1. Time-Line: House of X/Powers of X – Dawn of X- X of Swords – Hellfire gala – Trial of Magneto – X-Men: Inferno (2021).

  2. So good. HOX/POX was great groundwork. Sadly a lot of the stuff that followed was poorly written by writers who couldn’t hold a candle to Hickman on a bad day, with the flu and a broken finger on his writers hand. Benjamin Percy, not included in that bunch that man has the chops. Just too much mutants meandering around doing nothing and acting as if they’ve been written by people without any knowledge on the books not progressing the story at all. Hopefully this gets it back on track.

  3. Krakoa would be the best and turning point Era of our Merry Mutants.
    I don’t want to see everything gets ruined.

  4. Moira Mactaggert knows the true fate of mutantkind. If Destiny were to return, she would know too & that knowledge would destroy Krakoa. Mystique doesn't know this but she doesn't care. She just wants Destiny back.

  5. I'm big fan of fantastic four 4⃣ for human torch please develop the character for separate movie and also Hulk smush cities destroy enjoy hulk fans in Avengers end game bursbeinra in hulk most feel on theatre please change it

  6. I don't want Karakoa to be destroyed as this is the first I've seen all mutants united. Maybe the Phoenix and Onslaught has a role on this.

  7. Everything I got from the trailer
    >Inferno takes place after the Trial of Magneto okay than so it wasn't Mystique? Or does Inferno start with them looking for her?
    >Bishop newest member of the council? Lets go!
    >Nimrod is active and ready. Going to need a better team than that Logan to take out a Nimrod
    >No one can be trusted? So they lost faith with the leaders of Krakoa?
    >Did Moira officially turn against Krakoa or is it does classic comic book clickbait?
    Cannot wait.

  8. NIMROD IS HERE! I am no x men fan, but an interdimensional sentinel is something else. For more on Nimrod, check out Contest of Champions.

  9. I hope this isn't the end of Krakoa. I don't wanna go back to the oppressed mutant high school plot line again

  10. LET'S GO LESBIANS!!!!!! (I'm literally crying right now I'm so happy we're getting more content for my favorite WLW icons!!! give Raven what she deserves!!!!!)