Would you trust Aunt Carol to cleanse your chakras?

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  1. Why does she charge me for sex, if I do the work? If she pays me to clean a pool, she pays me for sex too.

  2. Chakras is real? Can she bring the Probe? Evident and calculate? Bring the laboratory probe and many time repeated how working? No cuz chakras are not real

  3. First one I watched, I thought : is she that dumb (staying so serious) or is it a prank? No question anymore. Brilliant!

  4. She’s got a point about her aunt making good money doing something that seems silly to logical people but is just as real as all the other things people make money from

  5. I believe that things change as soon you believe.
    Mood change your chemistry
    And when you make statistics with antibiotics – even also then people get more healthy with the sugar pill.
    So what.

  6. I keep seeing her everywhere from YouTube shorts to instagram reels, who is she how is she on the BBC and when can I watch her😭

  7. I have this on autoplay and I can't be more amused by 'my aunt Carol' .. I don't know her .. but I'm just bowled over by that dry retort … 🤣😂

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