1. To be fair, these guys were sold to the team as crack paratroopers, they should have been able to do it with their eyes closed.

  2. Doesn't look a lot on camera but as someone who's jumped over and underestimated heights like that I can tell you when you're standing over that cliff it's absolutely nerve wrecking. My body was physically blocking the signals from the brain telling it to jump.

  3. I hope to see a strong independent female characters and a show that is well suited for modern audiences

  4. It's just high enough that without perfect technique, there's serious danger of serious injury.

  5. la musique du début est du groupe Punk rock français "Les Sales Majestés " et s 'appelle "La révolution "

  6. So I have never seen this movie but I find it rather interesting. I have jumped from three stories up as a child (5-12) and never suffered anything worse than a twinge in my leg/ankle/knee that went away after a couple hours playing. We had a rope swing for my tree house that to use you had to run off the roof of a three story building, sometimes you fell. One kid in our group started jumping off it every day to show how tough he was and before long we all did it. It was into grass not sand and maybe was only 25 feet rather than 30 plus it was the roof of my family’s barn/garage, so at the peak was 30 plus feet and the crazy kid was the only one who regularly jumped from there.

    I have since done professional military insane things in Coronado California (where I still reside) and we have a rope climb from this high where men regularly fall from, but doing it intentionally seems to be asking for broken legs.

  7. This guy i thought was amazing, dont want to spoil anything, but doing what was best, getting over his fears, all in the name of his wife and kids, bravo 👏🏼

  8. Fall softly. If you're limp you don't get hurt. Probably why drunks rarely get hurt when falling.

  9. Confidence training isn't to be doing something foolish but to overcome fears and finding your limits. It takes a lot of courage saying no to something. Just doing dangerous things without thinking makes you an idiot.

  10. When in the plane u cannot hesitate one second or your stick will be dispersed all over the countryside. Or even worse you actually jump outside the parameters of the drop zone. Perhaps landing in water, perhaps landing in rough terrain.

  11. We used to jump out of our tree house for fun as kids. Now I would crumble trying to do that.

  12. What a load of bollocks – from the complete nonsense misrepresentation of Paddy Mayne to the the heavy metal .. pass


  14. I like how paddy treated them badly, but when he saw that one of them was afraid, he encouraged him.

  15. I would jump, probabily would break my leg and be sent home, better than die in a senseless war.

  16. I've been waiting for a show or movie about the S.A.S. for years. They've made em about paras, American Airborne troops, guerrillas, armored units, regular infantry, of most Allied countries, even enemies. This has been long overdue. What a guy, to do all that. It's unfortunate, he didn't survive.

  17. I'm enjoying the series and I appreciate it's just a TV show, but no way is that a 30 foot tower!

  18. It is not necessary training. I was a Marine Commando and paratrooper officer in Greek Army. The training must not destroy good soldiers. There is no way to train for death or injury. There are many other ways to push a man out off his limits and not destroy him physically. I think that today's SAS selection – and generally today's SOF selection – is more proper to produce good Commandos and SOF Operators.

  19. Haha comedy WW2 gold , this scene! Reminded me a bit of "Le Morfalous" (1984) the WW2 movie in the desert with Jean-Paul Belmondo and fat soldier Villeret.

  20. They made them jump from 5m high platform? I guess that carries high risk of injury. Try with jump from just 1.5m high, if you do not trust me. Or go to local swimming pool and jump from 5m platform in nice, soft water.

  21. My grandfather was a WW2 PTI with the Army Commandos. He got pushed off a training platform backwards and broke his leg at the knee – causing him a permanent disability. He used to say that no amount of toughness or 'special-ness' overcomes Newton's second law.

  22. I could lie but no. I hate heights you could shout what you want at me from below but im not jumping lol

  23. Without a doubt I would, we used to do it as kids, from unfinished houses , man I miss the feeling

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