Women Burn Hijabs in Iran as Protests Escalate over Killing of Mahsa Amini by “Morality Police”

Protests in Iran continue after the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman in custody of the so-called morality police. Mahsa Amini died last week after being detained for allegedly leaving some of her hair visible in violation of an Iranian law requiring women to cover their heads. Witnesses said Amini was severely beaten by police, but authorities claim she died of natural causes. Thousands of people, often led by young women, have taken to the streets in outrage over Amini’s death, chanting slogans against the morality police and the government, with some burning their headscarves in a show of defiance. “This anger against the morality police and the violence they are committing on the streets has been building up for years,” says Iranian American journalist Negar Mortazavi.

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  1. If School or some places have dress code any one can understand but this is in public they can pick anyone or say what to wear,, Faras ( Iran ) choose Islam , but irani Culture is so rich its not limited to any religion

  2. Immediate action has to be taken against those involved in this brutal killing of this young lady and family be compensated both physically and morally; sooner than later. Otherwise, the West (especially the US) would fuel this protest and turn it to a color revolution like the one in Ukraine in 2014 or many more previous ones. This is what the US wanted in Iran for years by imposing the maximum preasure sanctions which indeed is a violation of the UN Chafter of war against humanity (an economic war). Government must make immediate foot steps to resolve the issue geniunely while respecting the concern of the women. Otherwise another Revolution is around the corner which would indeed make the US hegemon stronger since Iran has been one of the few countries to challenge this Western hypocracy!

  3. "Religion is the only area of our discourse in which people are systematically protected from the demand to give evidence in defense of their strongly held beliefs. And yet, these beliefs often determine what they live for, what they will die for, and—all too often—what they will kill for." `Sam Harris

  4. The leaders should/ must offer open discussions / forums to/the communities in order to seek amicable solutions.

  5. NOBODY should be forced to wear something they detest. Hijabs are for people who want to be muslim, MOST people do not want to be in Islam, nor defend an immoral terrorist as prophet. Thats FACT. So stop shoving your stinking terrorist breeding faith down onto other peoples' throats. If you want to be a fanatic or dumb follower, thats your personal choice stop forcing others to follow in your stupid steps.

  6. ببند خفه شو شما غربی‌های دوزاری روزانه فقط هزاران نفر از بی خانه ای جان میدن از سرما و گرسنگی حالا یه نفر در اداره پلیس ایران سکته کرده برای شما مهم شده شما فکر این باشید که زمستان سختی دارید به رعیسی دلاور ایرانی باشرف التماس کنید شاید بهتون گاز بده یا به روسیه توصیه کنه گاز روی شما نبنده که زمستان مثل خر از سرما یخ نزنید 🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪🇮🇷💪

  7. I think my nations “supreme court” is modeling itself after Iran’s “morality police”. But hey, Hitler drew inspiration from America’s eugenics movement.

  8. Negar Mortazavi is well known among Iranian people as a treater. She works for Iranian Regime shame on you. Interview Massih Alinegad a brave and genuine Iranian journalist. She has always been the voice of Iranians. She lives in New York.

  9. Is there any doubt that one can always expect a scientist [or detective] to be ashamed of the way he or she has been using his or her time (and that without this shame, one cannot truly be a scientist)? …I should have known this all along too

  10. We say we don’t want the regime

    We want to overthrow the entire regime of the Islamic Republic. We do not fight against the mandatory hijab alone. Before this regime, we had freedom and equality for men and women, for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Zoroastrians, atheists, etc., and now it has been forty-four years that we strive for our most basic human rights, which we had before and now we don't have, we don't want a criminal Islamic regime, this is our demand, because without the Islamic Republic, there is no terrorism, no compulsory hijab, no execution of homosexuals, no execution of Christians, no execution of Baha'is No child labor, no shooting at a passenger plane, no drying up the lakes and Rivers, no selling the Caspian Sea to Russia, we have been held hostage by the regime of the Islamic Republic for 44 years, and now we want to destroy this regime once and for all.

  11. Change starts with small reactions, let's hope this leads to the overthrowing of the Iranian regime, after 43 years of barbaric intolerance Iran deserves freedom…

  12. Where is the 'Morality' in the beating and killing of this defenseless visitor to Tehran? Giving the dead body back to her family, that's not 'Morality' (Police), that's the Murder (Police). You know that the evil killers are not the slightest bit worried about punishment. This is about TOTAL CONTROL. It's 2022 and we are a planet of imperfect humans but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Good Iranians should catch this scum and punish them.

  13. They should b killed for burning the hijab as hijab is the form of decency n they anti islam for burning the hijab so they dont hv the right to b in an islamic state.. banned them or killed them is the only way..

  14. all of Iran protested their Iranian's sister's death, yet this channel simply put it '' Kurdish Woman ''? what's the meaning of that?

  15. U.S. Westerners have more important things to worry about than the fate of this one woman, such as dealing with your leaders by pressuring them to end this goddamned Ukraine proxy war against Russia that's screwing everybody else in the world. How about that?

  16. Respect women, let them live. They have their own sense of dressing.
    Oppression can not be allowed on Earth.
    We are with you Iranian men and women and all humanity. 👍

  17. Im so amazed and astonished and happy to see these men and women(assumption) fighting for their freedom that is defined by the white man standard 🤷🏾‍♂️

    When are these men and women going to start taking their clothes off and running around topless in the name of freedom?

    I know when….When the white man decides when a woman can show her nipple but for now, its censored.


    Bunch of hypocrites

  18. I'm really sad about Mahsa Amini's death, but I am an Indonesian muslim, Indonesia is a democracy country. There are a protester, students, labourers, and anyone, against fuel price and labour law every towns and cities, it's a human right, no more violences at womens and kids. Please help Indonesians.🇮🇩😢

  19. thanks for informing on this issue. Our world is at the brink of a radical transformation and we are seeing a strong regressive force pulling us back to the past of the strong straight whitened men

  20. To all Iranians, this is your time now and for the shake of your woman futures, Raise up to overthrow your dictators

  21. And this is d wonderful sharia law they're trying to impose on d whole world…how "deathly awesome" d whole world would become, with d morality police running d show. THE WEST SHOULD WAKE UP!

  22. western porn culture worshippers will make everything an excuse to become more immodest and then they will act in porn video.

  23. Warrior women fighting to let their hair flow freely from the oppressive minds of stupidity…..

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