Will I ever find out who my father is? | DNA Family Secrets - BBC

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Not knowing his father’s identity has weighed on Richard’s shoulders his whole life but a DNA test is about to reveal more than he could have imagined.

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20 thoughts on “Will I ever find out who my father is? | DNA Family Secrets – BBC”
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  3. I have never met my parents, nor do I know who they are. I have no intention of changing that.

  4. This was nice yet it's so bad us out of the UK can't get to see it whole.

  5. I would live to have access to all of this, I have no information about my father either but don't have this help and will never know. I am happy for him to find out, I couldn't imagine the joy he went though and the wholeness he now feels.

  6. On the other side of this coin, the advent of cheap and cheerful genome sequencing through Ancestry/23andme etc is uncovering a lot of inconvenient truths about female infidelity in long-term relationships and marriage. The amount of fathers that have been deceived about the paternity of children they thought to be theirs is staggering. The stats starting to emerge are both frightening and downright disgusting.

  7. What will happen once he finds God? I am sure he will be much happier and wouldn’t care and worry about anything!

  8. I will never understand why people place so much meaning on biological relations. Would it not be healthier to encourage these people to build healthy meaningful relationships with others to fill whatever emotional void in their lives haunts them?

  9. Okay wow, this completely wrecked me. I am in tears. What a wonderful story! I am so happy for his family and him! ♥️

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