Why Studio Ghibli films have that extra magic | Inside Cinema – BBC

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Inside Cinema | Series Studio Ghibli Magic | BBC

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  2. Hey they forgot Nasacaa valley of the wind and Princess Monoke since this all they know about the past films especially From up on Poppy Hill and The Cat Returns as well also others.

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  4. Come on! The original audio makes 200% more imersive than dubbling
    Especially on Japanese, chinese and most oriental lenguages.
    Their entonations are a must, carry a lot of emotions and expressions that I aways loved

  5. He doesn't talk about Grave of the fireflies which beautifully captures the realism of war with an abundance of emotion.

  6. the combination of imagery and music you have chosen for this video had me tearing up…. Such beautiful tribute… Thank you so much 🌿

  7. Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki are legendary epitomes of anime and modern storytelling.

  8. as much as disney, studio ghibli will always have a place it always gives me so much nostalgia and a great childhood

  9. I came to play the solo guitar of this movie on seeing this movie on seeing this movie!it is a splendid movie!

  10. I'm a grown man who is not afraid to admit beautiful art brings tears to my eyes. Studio Ghibli touches the soul.

  11. Even though it's late, i really thank Hayao Miyazaki for bringing us these wonderful anime movies, the songs are just a bonus to make the movies even more wonderful… I will never forget the emotions i felt when i watched my first ever ghibli movie as a child. Ghibli movie will always hold a special place for me. 💕 And i think that..if America has Stan Lee, then japan has Hayao Miyazaki.

  12. Agreed on the details part. Studio Ghibli films have a few magical things that – for me – makes them the best in the cinematographic world:
    – cultural and real world problems discussed as an underlying oder direct topic that is connected to the plot.

    – fantasy and magic that is in connected to the scenes in a way that even the smallest things in live are given a very special place. That leads to inside appreciation for these things for the viewer.

    – imagination and creativity. This is such an important element since it transitions to creative thoughts of the viewers or, at least, confronts them with such feelings.

    – Art and narrative.
    These two things are more like the skills the studio brings with it and incorporates them in their movies perfectly. The ghibli films just have a unique and very magical flow while watching.

    – music.
    Amazing. Nothing more to say here. Give the composer some lovd for his epic work.

  13. I prefer Ghibli on Disney because they make female really strong and doesn't need a man save her ass like what Disney do

  14. So glad I grew up with Studio Ghibli movies instead of Disney movies (don't get me wrong I like Disney, but I just like Studio Ghibli better)

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