Who Betrays The Avengers in EMPYRE?! | Marvel Comics

Writers Dan Slott and Al Ewing run through five reasons to read the kick-off to Marvel’s epic new event, EMPYRE #1! On sale now!

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  1. Thor has a bigger part in this comic apparently. They said He won't stand to the destruction of his ill mother Gaia

  2. I’ll put money on it’s a straight, white, male and the hero of the story will be stunning and brave woman.

  3. My guesses will be Wiccan, because of his relationship with Hulking, and Swordsman, because nobody would expect him to do so.

  4. I’m here for the new Kree Accuser my girl Captain Marvel! I’m sure Carol has her own plan to stop this war! I can’t wait

  5. Calling it now Hulkling will betray the Avengers due to his newfound position as the Emperor of the combined Kree-Skrull Empire meaning while he wouldn't want to betray his friends in the Young Avengers but he'll do it if it means keeping his empire safe. And we could possibly see Wiccan betray the heroes due to being in love with Hulkling.

  6. Al Ewing has the coolest real life voice in comics lol. Also one of the best pens! Love his work

  7. So when is the anime series of M.O.D.O.K. going to be ready? I'm looking forward seeing it

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