1. Didn’t know the band The Airborne Toxic Event got their name from the book until I watched this trailer lol Bamboozled

  2. 😀😀😁😁😍😍👍👍Germany,Switzerland,Austria|Probieren sie es jetzt mit nur €25O aus und 5OOx in kürzester zeit.

  3. Adam Driver is amazing in everything he is in. This doesn't even look like him! I honestly don't know what this movie is supposed to be about! I thought it was another take on White Noise with Michael Keaton

  4. oh shit a new Noah bambauch movie..squid and the whale was on if my favorite movies as a young adult.

  5. It's like they wanted Alan Partridge but went with Adam Driver. Thats like wanting chocolate and having someone shit in your mouth.

  6. there is a band called 'The airborne toxic event', 'Somethimes around midnight' is great…

  7. couldn't make it through the trailer tbh; maybe it'll be a funny, quirky, heartwarming family comedy with a good message, but none of that does justice to the book.

  8. actually looks amazing, love adam driver in this, it's great change from the heavy dramas he's been in lately – don cheadle too, amazing – also, the similarities/influences to Christmas Vacation are striking in that end scene – so good

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