1. ..This terorists group of Samsonovi, lukini, Ahmetovi, Ahmatnurovi, Mitini, Shainurovi, Orlovi, Zenkovi, Kuznetsovi, Sivkovi
    from Perm.  Their terrorists group organized terracts Trade Center 2011, Tsunami 2004, MS Estonia 1994, terakts in metro of Moscow, fire in hromaya loshad cafe in Perm, corona virus in 2019. They ordered corona virus and honored in their family name corona siv kobi. They did it in Keansburg city where some of them live by puting a book with notes Kobe, where I rented room. I did not know them before I started renting the room. I discovered later that they are terorists from Russia.  They did these teratcts for stealing cinema movies from my family and also for having restorants Tanuki. They stole digital copy of my body and sell movies by attaching their dauchers heads to it. Their group  killers, kidnappers, rapers, pedophiles, traffikers, torturers, robbers. They did it for stealing cinema studios. They like to make teracts calling by their names like Siv kobe, tsum nami , me vse, ne pen gon  etc. Who can burry their tero group? They did a memorial Kennedy in USA where they put boats parts in earth to threaten people reminding about old nuclear boats in water. In about 2004 they sent their tetorists group members who called herself Aby and her friends in Japan in Cobe sity there they  organized Tsunami for climing to sketch their faces in Disney movies and as sportsmen and politics. They like to attach they heads to copy of my body and copy of body Prince Charls without any right for it. They stole digital copy of my body and attach their heads to it. I never gave any right to them to sell digital copy of my body to feed their terorists group. Who can burry them all?

  2. If you are reading this there’s a reason No matter how good or bad you have it,wake up each day thankful for your life.Someone else is desperately fighting for theirs ❤️🇧🇸🤞

  3. This is a B- movie with Anthony Hopkins. Why did he take the role? Does he need the money, or just acts in anything now?

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