1. I watch extraordinary attorney woo
    But I have to wait for a really long time for the videos to come on Netflix

  2. When all your "gonna be favourite" upcoming movies are on netflix and you don't have money to watch netflix 👁👄👁
    💧 💧

  3. Netflix: It's official season 5 of Manifest this 2022
    Me: YEY I just finished 4, when is it
    Netflix: Oh December
    Me:…………. why

  4. For me it's more so the fact that a day after I start it, Netflix has already removed it. 😂

  5. Me: *Waiting Stranger Things season 5*
    Stranger Things: "Season 5 will be launch 2 years later"
    Me again: *Walking around in room until 2024*
    (At Jan 1st 2024)
    Me: "FINALLY 2024"
    Me again: *Realized that only came out at Nov 2024*
    Why me: *Explode*

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