When Mark Ruffalo set someone’s face on fire! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home Mark Ruffalo tells a story about being a barman serving a drunk man who insisted on having a Sambuca set on fire so he could down it. He set his face alight patted it out then asked for another and left with a burnt beard shape round his mouth. David Schwimmer says that brings back painful memories and tells a story about bleaching his moustache off as a teenager and having a burnt top lip. 

Together on Graham’s sofa, Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo, in new legal thriller Dark Waters, Friends star David Schwimmer and British comedian and writer Nick Mohammed, together in new spy comedy Intelligence, and Episodes star Tamsin Greig, in Julian Fellowes’ new period drama Belgravia. With music from singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, who performs her new single Underdog.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 26 Episode 17 | BBC

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  1. mr ruffalo
    mr schwimmer
    such good value / craic / laff
    hilarity galore! 🙏🏻

  2. Coming back from summer break, a friend and I, 10-11 yrs old at the time, had moved and happened to end up in the same school across town. First day, he arrived with a 2" circle "hickey" on his forehead. He was playing nerf basketball with his brothers (toy with a suction cup hoop setup). He was naive/dumb enough to stick it to his forehead. Teachers and students too nice to ask, assumed it was an unfortunate birthmark and was awkward AF for a couple weeks. (Kind of the same thing happened when girls showed up with boobs after summer)

  3. "Oh I get it!!!" ROFL..I almost died..Mark tells the story about the guy hitting himself in the face.. I'm laughing so hard I can hardly breathe..
    "It was you?!?" Hahaha omg.. I died! Mark is so awesome!!! 🤣😂😁

  4. Watching this makes me really wanna see David and Mark do a film together, I think they would work really well together!

  5. That mustache bit is exactly what happened to Ross with teeth withening. And that diner with skater waiters is actually on Firends. Did they base the whole show on David's life???