When Love Meets Thunder | Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder | Disney+

Thor like never before ⚡️ Check out this featurette for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love And Thunder, a Disney+Day premiere streaming Thursday in IMAX Enhanced!

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  1. I hope the f*ck out of hope that G'N'R got paid well. U all think your opinion matters. Mine doesn't

  2. Thor: Love and Thunder is a visually popping MCU film with what could've been an extremely grim and gritty antagonist, of which was Gorr the God Butcher. The plot could've been handled much better given the intensity of arcs between the characters, even with Jane Foster as the new Thor. However, this film is ridiculously injected with so much comedy in scenes where it could've been a lot powerful if executed on a much more emotional tone.

    This makes me believe that Thor's franchise is still finding its direction much so how they treated Hulk. Nonetheless, it's a good, watchable film. Review: 7/10

  3. Needed to see more of Gorr the acting was nice by Christian Bale but the shadow abilities and generic monsters were really bad…
    He should have had tendrils and the symbiote sword…

  4. So marvel put this Featurette thing out again after completely replacing Taika Waititi's opening scene wearing Luffy wanted poster shirt! 😆 I recently watched Thor: Love and Thunder myself and it is now a little annoying how much Thor and Korg said "what a classic Thor adventure…"

  5. This movie was absolutely terrible. A RomCom for kids. All you saying you loved it have terrible taste. SMH

  6. I've got to be honest – I love the Marvel movies, but I thought this was terrible! I've never walked out of a movie in my life, but I came close on this one. The tone was all wrong, jokey when it should have been serious, poorly paced, terrible use of the "God Butcher" storyline. Bale was great, but poorly used. Russell Crowe… OMG. Genuinely shockingly bad. I really enjoyed Ragnarok, but this was just awful.

  7. Never actually watched Thor L&T. Heard it didn't get the best reviews, I'm sure some enjoyed it tho 🎥 It might sound strange at first, but please hear me out 🙏🏽. So the bible says we've all sinned and fallen short of God's glory. You and I have broken God's commandments and just as if you were in a court of law for a crime you commited you would receive a sentence, in the same way God has to sentence us into eternal damnation unless someone pays the fines for our sins. So the thing is we are all damned and are to receive God's wrath and punishment on us.

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    God laid all the punishment for your sin on His Son so that you could be set free and stand right before Him, man ain't that love 🙌🏽✝️❤️

    So what we all have to do is turn from our sinful ways (repent), don't call on and pray to other false Gods, don't believe in anything like karma or that stuff, and put our hope, trust and faith ONLY in Jesus as our Lord and saviour✝️❤️🙌🏽 Call on to Him cause he's TRULY the only one that has you 💯

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    So the question to ask oneself is is my life right with Jesus Christ, do I really know Him and does He know me, am I going to heaven? And when we ask these questions we shouldn't be relying on our own answers but instead looking at what the word of God says 🙌🏽✝️📖

  8. You had Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Russel Crow; besides the original cast, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson (who always shines despite the plot)… still you messed it up.

  9. my rating all thor movies

    Thor 1 6/10
    Thor 2 5/10
    Thor 3 9/10
    Thor 4 3/10
    3 rating because i never realis that gorr is a big threat too much jokes but VFX is good (my opinion) if you guys agree then like not agree reply 👍

  10. I watched it today on hotstar
    And i have to admit that
    This is the worst movie from Marvel
    since the incredible hulk

    Character are performing but not connect with there character and with audience
    As a marvel fan

  11. Ok…. I’m wondering why is the plot hole so obvious & why is it when someone can be saved the heroes hesitate so someone or people “ have to die “ before a small victory. The plot plot hole… so now stormbreaker is alive… then why did it let Gorr take him ? Did anyone catch the fact that it’s Lycans in the MCU ? Which Thor shall return?

  12. Thor 1
    Thor 2
    Avengers 1
    Avengers 2
    Avengers 3

    Which i think the "real" & "serious" Thor we all deserve..

  13. Despite the terrible CGI, I enjoyed this movie… And it is a lot better than Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

  14. I know there has been a lot of hate for this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I enjoyed all those comic references even though I don't read the comics. These references I got were merely hear-say from videos on youtube. I just wish they would add a line for Thor when he sees Jane wield Mjolnir for one last time saying: Let's make it count

  15. love the movie! Taika always brings heart to his movies… hope they still bring him back… his take on the superhero movies is a lot of fun!

  16. this was the worse THOR EVER .. HELL IN FACT A ASGARDIAN PLAY WAS MORE ENTERTAINING … i felt like i was watching a 8th grade drama play with a 80's music theme 😮‍💨

  17. Didn't hate the movie but I really wish it had a better balance of humor and seriousness. Still had some decent moments.

  18. Do we really need an extended cut when the entire movie felt like one loooong blooper? This movie makes the eternals look like a masterpiece because they actually took themselves seriously. Not one scene finishes without a shameless joke… I just want my hours back

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