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  1. Man the British government never ceases in their hatred for Indians it seems. Still making hateful propaganda about them to this day.

  2. 😳😲🤯😱 you better believed that is not a joke…!!!,cause,you will lost your life if you messing with someone that is already had nothing to lose.

  3. Pulls out grenade – pulls pin – throws on table
    “Wait what’s he doing”
    Grenade sparks

    Finest soldiers I’ve ever seen

  4. Pretty sure my grandpa ripped a few Turkish scimitar patches off some nazis in ww2 lol we put them in a museum

  5. The queen is bored . Well give them cricket . And distract them for days on a boring AF game lol 😂

  6. If You Have Sown Your Such Cureg Infront Of Afghan's Or Gorkha's In 19th Century, You Shouldn't Have To Run Away From There Or Needed Any Indian For Your British Raj !!!

  7. It was actually Facebook they suggested I should be more poliet before post. Let's goo our separate ways. Respectfully.

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