1. Captain Carter vs Wonder Woman……. WW wins, she goes on record for being able to go toe to toe with Sups. Yet I am yet to see Cap go toe to toe with Hyperion. Spiderman is stronger than cap but can't beat the hulk. So yeah as much as I like CC she isn't besting WW.

  2. wonder if it'll be episodic or if each episode will follow one or more scenarios

  3. What if all the superheroes you know and love are now a girl or black. it seems like that's what they're are going with. I'm not a racist or a sexest person but it seems like Disney just wants to shove that msg down our throats. look at us we love black people and look we think women are strong too. I think it sucks how they have to make all the white superheroes we love look like helpless asshole idiots now. I hope they don't ruin this like they did with the falcon and the winter soldier and for the record I love having Sam as the new captain america. he's perfect for it. I actually cried when he had to say goodbye to the old captain america in end game. I like the falcon I'm getting tired of woke america.

  4. What if Disney actually listened to fans and didn’t make everything SJW garbage?

  5. I just hope the zombies aren't overly PG, considering they're willing to say s*** in another language I can't imagine they can't not have blood and gore in a zombie-based what if. Lol

  6. I Don’t Watch Much Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe At All That Much, But Maybe After Watching “What If…? When All Of The Episodes Are Done, I May Consider Watching The Rest Of The Marvel Films Including The Marvel Shows As Well And I’ve Watched A Few Of The Marvel Films In My Life But I Haven’t Really Cared For It That Much And Maybe If I Watch More Of The MCU, Maybe I’ll Become A Fan And Who Knows, It Just Depends On Whether I Like It Or Not And I Have My Own Personal Preference Of What I Like And I Like A Variety Of Things So We’ll See Where This Show Goes When It Comes Out On August 11th, 2021!!!!!!!!!

  7. aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg pner a un negro de capitan america solo por ser Progre inclusive aggggggggggg

  8. I hate how my mind over think stuff because now I'm wondering why would Black Panther have his Wakanda accent if he was snatched into space as a child. 😫 I hate my brain.

  9. The trailer of no way home isn't there yet because this series might play very crucial part for beginning of the story of doctor strange and spiderman,




  11. This could be sequel for loki for different realities emerging form different time line at end of loki as its Doctor strange responsibility for reality who ends up fixing them
    This could lead to multiverse of madness for next movie or spiderman 3 where they find themselves of different realities and doctor strange plays a major role

  12. the tokenism is unreal here fuck outta here. bunch of normies gonna watch this bs

  13. Of course they have her be captain america. Because STROOOONK WUMAN

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