1. He is true about leaving the mountain alone. I went up Tara Hill once when I was in Gorey on Holiday and there was literally nobody there the entire way up. I hiked up and down for a grand total of four hours entirely on my own.

  2. Ireland: `leaves mountain alone`
    Germans: `I think that's the mountain that I'm going to camp on next week`

  3. I thought hiking culture was pretty big in Ireland, or is it only when they're abroad?

  4. I am an American, and I agree. Nothing says boring and exhausting waste of time like hiking. Go to the movies like a civilized person.

  5. On every one of these shorts where he makes fun of the US (which are funny) I see a LOT of people genuinely trash talking the country in the comments as if Dave was not joking. There's a lot if hate towards the US for being "stupid", "fat", and many other things, when in reality many of these are just stereotypes. For some reason, though, stereotyping is only okay when it is done to America. Like how people from the UK make fun of our obesity rate when their's is only a 2% difference from ours.

    Yeah, we are a country with a lot of problems, but so is literally every other country. It seems people just kind of use the US as a scapegoat to avoid their own issues.

  6. Dont know about America but Germans would get triggered by this 😂😂 they love their mountain and jungle hikes

  7. But how can I rob captain Farrel if I don't go over the far famed Kerry mountains?

  8. I really dont understand the american idea of 'hiking' and it's like an hour walk full of other people. In the rest of the world most people go hiking for several days in bumfuck nowhere.

  9. I’ve been loving every bit of this guys content so far, just found him but wow! He’s hilarious

  10. The thing is you could walk across Ireland in under a week while some of the long trails in the US can take months. The Appalachian trail is 2,200+ miles long and on average takes 5 to 7 months to cover.

  11. Man we can't win lmao. We get told we are fat and lazy and when we go for hikes we get flamed for it lol. Oh well. At least our economy isn't potatoe based

  12. I’m an American who lives in a city with not really any national parks around and yeah i would probably be hiking every week if I lived near the mountains😔

  13. Dont people pack like that so if they get lost they can last a bit and give Rescuers time to find them.

  14. Every great man will look unto a big fucking hill and say "aight ima touch the top." Yall don't and that's why the brittish controlled you for 800 years

  15. Dave: And fill every available orifice with Clif Bars.

    Me, bootyhole filled with mint Clif Bars: I don't know what you're talking about.

  16. Other peoples climb and hike in the Alps, Himalayas, and Andes. Vietnam is now a mtn biking mecca of SE Asia too.

    Hiking in places like Australia or Africa could get you killed by dangerous wildlife or warlords. Aussies still ride their dualsport motos all over though, and go fishing in tiny boats.

    Crocs, tigers, bushmasters, lions, buffalo, hippos, rhinos, leopards, hyenas, mambas, browns, and guerillas can put a damper on your hike. It's not like you can carry bearspray and/or a .50 in the wilds, like you can in the USA, and tigers or African/Asian crocs can be WAY more dangerous than cougars or gators.

  17. I mean its because the US still has actual natural areas. From what I've heard from other Irish people is that 99% of Ireland's natural landscape has been cleared out to make way for agriculture.

  18. I mean… I just like the woods, a friend of mine is just the type to do that casualy tho, he has training for mountain climbing, and did so in the PNW and went climbing in the dead of winter, i just like moss, he's insane

  19. My dads an irish immigrant here and any and i mean any mountain he sees he’s just like “i can climb that” and he does. No matter how large it is or if it’s snowing he will

  20. He seems to be making some of his listeners uneasy….that’s what telling the truth does to people living in a socially constructed fantasy land!

  21. Those are hills in Ireland not mountains 😂😂😂 a 3000 goot high mountain?? I can walk that in one day and still have sun left over to go down

  22. I had my wife hike to the top of Guadalupe Peak, the tallest mountain in Texas, with me. This was pretty much her attitude. I'm not sure if I have been forgiven yet.

  23. That’s because I’m the time it takes to club a mountain in Ireland you’ll get caught in the rain 99.9% of the time

  24. That’s because I’m the time it takes to club a mountain in Ireland you’ll get caught in the rain 99.9% of the time

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