WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Trailer (2022) Marvel

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Trailer (2022) Marvel

It follows a lycanthrope superhero who fights crime using the abilities given to him by a curse brought on by his bloodline.

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  1. Do you remember when Trailers told you something about the storyline and you knew what you were going to see … what the hell was that? Looked like B-Movie roll that a kid's cut together to make into an Art project !

  2. Are they going to bring in Moon Knight at the end so that the original "Werewolf By Night" No.32 comic story can become a reality?

  3. Wow, throwback trailer time. I love it. I really hope the show is in black and white like those classic '50s horror movies. The trailer definitely called back to the golden age of horror. Disney is amping it up lately with the all the interesting shows coming out.

  4. Dank den Trailer können wir gleich mehrere Protagonisten ausschließen. Werde ich trotzdem anschauen.

  5. What a Piece of S*** for Marvel or Disney to Produce … Obviously the Writers, were High, Drunk & Sleep Deprived when they Though of this Crap! NO Thanks, I'll Pass….

  6. WTF was that? Seriously, the Disney logo at end was the most out of place/confusing part. The future doesn't make sense and im very conflicted about wether i like it or not.

    Now that trailer in itself was pretty great. I want to watch the movie now.

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