1. I am happy for this series but so disappointed Christopher Lloyd is not playing Uncle Fester. If anything he looks more like Fred Armisen.

  2. What's funny about it they are institutions like this s*** I was in one of them it was called the Phoenix House academy for youngsters

  3. Catherine Zeta Jones doesn't aged at all.The protagonist looks alike exactly the actress from the Prey movie,I thought was her for a second.

  4. An amazing cast. Hopefully Burton is back to being good again…his last few films…not great. Passable. But hard to beat his early work. Jenna Ortega proved she had the chops in Scream. She's also obviously very beautiful. Will get eyes on screens. LOVE the casting of Luis Guzman as Gomez, in line with the OG content. I will watch it. If it's good i'll say so, if not, likewise. But so far it looks like a bit of a return to form for ol' Burt. Though lets be honest he peaked with Batman Returns.

  5. I noticed the music around the 0:45 and 1:20 mark is an instrumental cover of Paint it Black (originally by the Rolling Stones).

  6. I'm apparently biased towards Christopher Lloyd's Fester…..the difference between Christina Ricci isn't nearly as jarring as Fred Armisen seems here

  7. Given Tim Burtons direct involvement. Obviously not as Theatrical, Gothic or highly Dark Humoured it possibly could be. But as someone already commented. A very welcomed return to Cristia Ricci, yet unfortunately as a Side Character. The True & original 90s Wednesday. 6 out of 666 👌

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