WEDNESDAY Season 2 Announcement Teaser (2023) Jenna Ortega

WEDNESDAY ADDAMS Season 2 Announcement (2023) Wednesday Addams season 2, Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers
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  1. More of this garbage ass show. I swear this is the worst rendition of the Adams family I've ever seen. Plus that stupid stupid dance. Look it up, Prince did it first. Just saying.

  2. eventually and hopefully, Tim Burton checks out other source material to craft burtoneque adaptations, and I THINK I HAVE THE PERFECT SAMPLES FOR HIS CRAFT besides of addams family that he managed to get: THE WORKS OF THE RUMIC WORLD

  3. How she responds to being mimic across the internet a million times. lol that was noice! even the song used for her dance is in the announcement.

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