WEDNESDAY EPISODE 8 REACTION!! 1×8 Finale Review | Netflix | Wednesday Addams | Ending Scene

THE SEASON 1 FINALE! Greg & John React To S1 Ep 8 featuring Enid Vs Tyler Fight Scene, Wednesday Hug, Joseph Crackstone resurrected, Christina Ricci reveal, Season 2 cliffhanger, & MORE featuring Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White. We’re past the Dance Scene but things are intense! Here’s our Breakdown & Recap.
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  1. My biggest issue is the odd timeline of some episodes. The Outreach day episode she is workin at Pilgrim World the weather is sunny, then she is at the Meeting House and it is dark and stormy, than she makes it back for her performance when it is again sunny but doesn’t look like it rained at all.

  2. You guys should watch Alice in Borderland. I think you'd like it by the shows you already watched.

  3. Why didn't the siren(Bianca) just force him to tell the truth when he's in the chair? Lol

  4. Wednesday aka the savior of the day was saved by Enid, Bianca & Eugene. I hope she's learnt the importance of friendship & having a good team..

  5. You guys should say your honest opinion in the next video, what do u like better, Wednesday or Stranger things, I say stranger things but Wednesday is so so so good

  6. Honestly with all the hyped this show really delivered no lie😭😭🔥 i cant wait for season 2!!

  7. I saw Jenna Ortega on Instagram before your reactions and ignored her, but after I saw these videos I liked most of the pictures I saw. I usually don't like pictures of celebrities I don't know. I've known about Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande for a long time so I like a lot of their pictures. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday is impressing me.

  8. "Being your friend should come with a warning label."

    Dude, she IS the warning label, lol.

  9. Paul Dano's Riddler is the stalker! DCEU x Addams Family universes are heading for an incursion!

  10. The only thing I didn't like about the finale was i wish they would have shown the nightshades using their abilities to stop crackstone since the group was originally meant as the schools protectors, even if it failed since it has to come down to Wednesday i just wanted to see it.

  11. I loved this show, binge watched the whole thing in one night. I actually really liked the casting despite all the controversy around it and got really invested in the plot. The only thing I didn’t like was the love interests, either of them. As soon as it became clear that that was the direction they were taking I was like.. are you serious. I am so thankful that Tyler ended up being the villain because their relationship just seemed so rushed and one sided? and I just didn’t like him as a character until the date and even then it was iffy. However, I do hope he gets some sort of redemption because it’s clear he was groomed and manipulated by Laurel. Xavier could have been such a good character if they didn’t make him a needy/whiny love interest. I actually liked him with Bianca and I feel like he would be a good friend. Personally, I’m hoping that Wednesday is asexual/aromantic since that would just line up with her character. If not, and if she has to end up with someone I hope it’s Enid because they had more chemistry than any other pairing in this show. Plus Enid (along with Thing) is my favourite character and that hug at the end made me more emotional than any other scene💞

  12. If you pay close attention you'll notice alerts does not look the same as he did in the first episode his eyes changed now they look normal in the first episode one of them looked blind

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