Wednesday and Tyler – Stereo Hearts #wednesday #viral #wednesdayaddams #shorts #netflix #edit

#wednesday #wednesdayaddams #stereohearts
The Story of Wednesday and Tyler
Series: Wednesday Addams (Netflix)
Characters: Wednesday and Tyler
Song: Stereo Hearts
Software: Sony Vegas 17 pro
Hope you guys like this short.



  1. I bet they are going to end up together in later seasons as Wednesday do like crazy 😜

  2. You forgot about the end part😢 Bro I was so sad about what happens when I watch the last episode

  3. If any one else would have been hyde except him i would love it. Tim burton why you did so dirty to him. He was the sweetest person in whole series 💔

  4. Don't be afraid because tyler is villain. 2nd season tylor and Wednesday going get closer it is my prediction.

  5. Wednesday twippin twippin talking about female objectification maybe if you proved yourself to be something other than an object you wouldn’t be objectified now many people have a problem with me saying that but women are supposed to show off their beauty and skills instead they want bad boys with a big body part that treats them like trash and objectifies them even though they know that but it doesn’t matter to them

  6. The fact that tyler and wednesday arent real couples and tyler is actually gy and has a husband🫠

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