1. Not encouraged by the departure from the strong, trusting family ties in the original. Previously Wednesday would never have characterized her parents as "evil puppeteers" unless she meant it as a compliment. A key theme of the TV series and the previous movies was that, weird as they all might be, the Addams share strong family bonds of love and trust.

  2. Well okay, this has convinced me to give the series a chance. Really digging Thing's design.

  3. Having this premier after Halloween is a lot like those Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes that aired a week after the holiday. WTF, Netflix?

  4. Wow that's terrible. That's some of the worst character writing I have ever seen in a TV show. I feel sorry for anyone whose career gets damaged by this property.

  5. she looks too old for that roll ….. all the other girls were younger …. and thing look too much like Frankenstein …. i don't like it

  6. This may be sacrilege, but… is Burton the right guy to do the Addams family? Yes he’s the master of all things goth, but the whole schtick of the Addams is that in spite of the weirdness they’re a perfect loving, supportive family. Burton’s stories are known for their family trauma, and the “my parents are evil puppeteers” line here has me worried.

  7. Ah, the rebelious phase. When you sort of hate your parents, but really is not. Naturally the Addamses will spy and manipulate oneanother. It is how they show kindness and affection. unhealthy obsession is their form of love, after all.

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