We used a "robo-hare" to analyse an eagle's ATTACK! | Natural World – BBC

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Eagles are the most powerful birds in the sky. They are capable of tackling enormous prey, spotting food at vast distances and soaring for miles on the wing. But how do they achieve this?

To find out, this film follows the dramatic story of a family of bald eagles, and bird specialist Lloyd Buck puts his trained golden eagle to the test in a series of remarkable experiments.

Natural World | Super Powered Eagles | BBC

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  1. Класс 👍👍👍 красавец ,такая мощь сила ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Let me rephrase your conclusions: the eagle looks, flies, and grabs. Congratulations on your monumental discovery!

  3. Have you ever been hunting and the thing you’re hunting does a wheelie into a double front flip and lands it? Because this bird has

  4. Damm… Don't know if I'm more impressed with the hawk or the robo rabbit…

  5. We just gonna ignore how creepy the half rabbit half motorcycle cyborg is?

  6. I feel bad for this guy having the same as the man who murdered his family…

  7. I'm actually grateful to the BBC for posting something unrelated to SARS-coV2.

  8. if you gonna name it Robo Hare you gots to give it a 80's montage . yes ?
    made my day . the eagle was great too.
    On a serious note , amazing footage , amazing Tilly.

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