We Are Boats FULL MOVIE | Thriller Movies | Angela Sarafyan | The Midnight Screening

Lives intertwine and connect when Francesca navigates through the living world by encountering strangers at the exact moment she needs to.

Starring – Angela Sarafyan, Gaia Weiss & Uzo Aduba
Directed by – James Bird

This movie has been tweaked slightly to play nice with YouTube’s community guidelines but should not effect the enjoyment of the film.

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  1. What a beautiful movie,It broke me up then put me together again,may share this one thank you

  2. Load of sexual crap… Disgusting promiscuis. I thought this world had left this behind…. Secular world still has not woken up. Nor changed. Still involved in self.

  3. What an amazingly beautiful movie one of the best Iv seen. So touching and uplifting. I highly recommend watching this. Acting is excelant and story line very creditable.

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