Waterloo Road | Trailer

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School’s back in session ✏️🙌

Affairs, scandals, blackmail and many, many headteachers. There’s nothing ordinary about this rowdy comprehensive.

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  1. The worse thing about Waterloo Road are the horrible morons that make it…think they are better than everyone else….shit show anyway

  2. I wish Jack Rimmer and Andrew Treneman made a comeback cuz they were the most badass duo in Waterloo as they had different ways of disciplining students compared to the other headmasters. And I would also love to see a cameo of Lewis Seddon

  3. Not as good as the originals, everything is all about twitter regarding wokeness and BLM, i mean what kids is gonna riot about that.

  4. Loving it so far will there be only 7 episodes or 22 ppl are saying 22 but not sure dose anyone?

  5. Finished the entire series in a day. It was too good. Gutted about Chloe though:(
    also hope Danny and Samia are cute, hope they get together ❤️

  6. As much as I loved Waterloo road when I was growing up, it just isn’t the same, tried the first episode and wasn’t convinced. They should’ve just left it as it was

  7. Never going to get in to it or enjoy if your just comparing it to everything from the old ones. Their going to be very different due to pupils, teacher, school area

  8. Never gonna be the same just coz of how society and technology has changed, comparing the two to each other when your watching that other track

  9. It’s never going to be the same, feel the same, look the same etc just because of how life has changed so much since then. Technology is to strong now, cameras are too good, quality etc. life is completely different now. Back then life was actually life, technology was just normal/average phones weren’t really a thing, social media wasn’t prioritised I’m pretty sure Facebook was the only thing there was or used back then and it was the days everyone went on it on the laptop. Tv wasn’t too powerful no recordings and pauses and all Netflix etc. Life was actually lived back then everything wasn’t to do with phones and social media. There was couple of these things still out back then it they just wasn’t prioritised and used 24/7 and no where near as modern and upgraded as it all is today.

    I’m an early 2000 baby I got my childhood through these good times I’d never be in the house or sat on the PlayStation or Xbox I’d be out everyday for every minute I was allowed. My mum didn’t want me in the house under her feet she’d get me out that house as fast as she could. If you asked for some money for shop around 2010 times you’d get £2 that was classed as generous back then you’d go to shop with it and still be able to get a shit ton

  10. I watched the first episode, this is absolutely woke rubbish and not even comparable to the brilliant original version of the show, it seems the high ratings of the original on the iplayer were somehow enough to convince the bbc to commission this crap, I see this all the time with things were there trying to appeal to new fans but the product is crap, it doesn’t appeal to the OG fans of the show nor can I see it appealing to potential new ones, in short save yourself some time and avoid this, watch the 2006-2015 original show on the iplayer If you want to watch a quality show.

  11. NOT WORTH THE WATCH. exactly how i expected more blacks than whites, gays lesbians. they even through a midget in there just incase… pathetic

  12. 1st episode about racism typical fs when it's black lives they shout victims but when it's there lot beating and killing white people and police officers nobody says sh*t✊🖕🖕

  13. What the point of have chole back when she died after e1 can she come back I really want her to🥺 and say she did survive after a bit

  14. After everything Chlo and Dante have been through, I can't believe they brought her back to kill her off in the first episode. Not sure I'll be watching now….😐

  15. First half of the first episode was really quite bad, but I enjoyed the last part and episode 2.

    WHOS IDEA WAS IT TO EDIT THE THEME TUNE?! The new opening credits are awful

  16. Can't Believe They Killed Off Chlo 💔💔
    At Least She's With Tom And Her Mum Izzy Now 💔💔💔💔

  17. Really gutted about what happened to Chlo at the end of the first episode. Really stupid decision. Watched first two episodes on iPlayer today I’m 50/50 about the new Waterloo Road. I’m going to watch the rest of it Saturday night then make my mind up at the end of the series.

  18. Used to love this show. Now looks absolutely horrific!

    One question.. Will Barry Barry be back banging teachers again? Might watch it if he is back in it! Epic chap he was!

  19. As an honest Waterloo fan I’m disgusted by the new series I’m moving to Ackley Brigde where they actually know how to film a good show !

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