Warriors of Future | Official Trailer | Netflix

When a meteor carrying a destructive plant strikes the world, a suicide squad is given hours to save their post-apocalyptic city from total collapse.

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Warriors of Future | Official Trailer | Netflix



  1. I am at 7:51 PM watching the movie on Netflix future Warriors of future. I noticed something nine minutes and 41 minutes into the story the Chinese brings up a map of the United States. They believe they are the future warriors of the world and they’re going to save the world from an alien invasion. But I get a kick out of it says showing the map of China and the provinces they show the United States and the state. So giving you some idea that they believe that someday they will conquer the United States and take it over.

  2. after seeing this movie let me telling u something Hollywood . Fuk u and fuk all ur stupid silly movie's …

  3. The movie is EXACTLY as it has it's costs! Meaning 10 + score! Is quite even over, Hollywood ones, in visuals and details of those! 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🙏

  4. Just seen another movie called restart earth same plant same plot lol in restart earth there mission is to inject an antidote to the core of the plant to reverse the growth

  5. The problem with this movie is that there is too much talking otherwise it would have been great.

  6. This seems like it’s trying too hard to be like Hollywood but they don’t have the good enough CGI to pull it off

  7. Is there English translation on Netflix, I can watch it for free with subtitles on a free movie website, just want to know if there's an English spoken version option.

  8. Surprisingly good VFX/CGI, like really good for a low budget. Story has been done before but that's ok. My only wish is that they hired a military consultant as that's the only thing that broke immersion for me.

  9. Just ANOTHER chinese crap.they like to flex thier technology.but there is no value or depth in it.

  10. Was this movie supposed to be the Contra movie that China was going to make? Whatever happened to that??

  11. another shitty copy and paste movie from shitty china… really Netflix… Fucking china is stealing contents and you guys allow shitty movie on Netflix??? Time to ban all their shitty movie…

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