Wanna | Official Trailer | Netflix

The incredible story of Wanna Marchi, the biggest scammer in the history of Italian Television, and her empire of money and lies is coming September 21st, only on Netflix.

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Wanna | Official Trailer | Netflix

Savvy saleswomen or devious scammers? Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile became the undisputed queens of Italian TV shopping — until they went too far.



  1. 'I coglioni vanno inculati'. Grazie per questa pillola di saggezza Signora Marchi, ma l'inc..l'ha presa anche lei per sei anni.

  2. J'ai honte d'être italienne quand je vois et surtout entend cette virago…elle est laide dedans et dehors. Elle est mauvaise et malgré son succès et son habileté en affaires, elle est d'une bêtise abyssale. Et quelle vulgarité ! Mais l'Italie a déjà produit d'autres spécimens comme Berlusconi…tellement proches dans la caricature tous les deux…détestables. j'ai regardé la série jusqu'au bout, mais je me suis cramponnée. Quant à sa fille, oh my God! La même laideur et vulgarité ! Et tant de méchanceté et de bassesse là aussi…franchement, la fin me laisse frustrée. Que ces deux monstres s'en soient aussi bien sortis, me laisse un goût très amer…

  3. Ma fate schifo al cazzo! date visibilita e soldi a persone che hanno truffato milioni a poveri disperati.. le principesse nere lgbtq mettetevele nel culo rincoglioniti globalidioti

  4. I really enjoyed this. I never heard of her and didn't know what to expect. I got pulled in because Wanna and the opening credits remind me so much of "Paquita Salas." Wanna is a mix of Paquita and the Divacell lady. I think I might watch this doc all over again. 😊

  5. “I coglioni vanno inculati” Questa frase racchiude quello che è il principio di selezione naturale applicato in una società in cui l’omicidio è reato.

  6. What gets me about these 2
    Is that there telling people there fat there ugly there hairy
    And they look like that 😮
    I nearly spat my tea out when she said look at my daughter isn’t she beautiful🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    The most revolting looking women I have ever seen
    Cold hearted bitches
    And the fact that they deny everything they have done to those people
    You SCAMMED people no if’s no but’s
    Absolute weirdos

  7. If you watch this you cannot believe people fell for their crap while to this day, we all fall for sales talks… Buy this cream for a flawless skin, use this to lose belly fat…This docu is a great wake up call

  8. this woman's unfaltering determination and tenacity to just deny deny deny it all despite being convicted more than once is mind boggling

  9. This is nothing new…Selling Hocus Pocos…Snake Oil Salesman…and etc…throughout history…Predatory behaviour is why the world is where it is now…Selling everyone a quick fix on insecurties of those who are not in control of there happiness, health and well-being…How's the ole Belly Melter selling in today's Italian Market…🇮🇹🍝😉👏🥳

  10. just a question they were making 15 billion liras a month back in the 80's what would've that been in dollars ?

  11. just finished watching it made my blood boil, all i can say to these money hungry loud creatures is hope you will suffer like your victims did and never be in peace.

  12. As an Italian I hoped that this character would be forgotten, NOT made famous even abroad.
    That's pretty disgusting.

  13. As an Italian I hoped that this character would be forgotten, NOT made famous even abroad.
    That's pretty disgusting.


  15. It looked like she was in a nice suit in the real world, why is this piece of crap not still rotting in prison ?? I know the Italian government and prisons are corrupt, but damn.

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  17. ..Shaaaaame on you netflix..
    wanna marchi and her am daughter getting a mf show?! Really Netflix?!

  18. As an Italian I hoped that this character would be forgotten, NOT made famous even abroad.
    That's pretty disgusting.

  19. As someone who has been studying the Italian language for years, I’ll definitely be watching this 👀 🍿

  20. Allora questa non me l'aspettavo 😂 faranno un servizio migliore di Striscia? 🤣

    Edit: Ma che dico, sono pure nel doc 😂😂😂

  21. Dear Netflix,

    How are you today?
    I will be glad if you guys are still fine and strong against covid.
    If so, please, make season 3 of Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency.

    Peace and Love

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