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  1. So kinda like Under the Dome. But the dome is a projection created by Scarlett Witch? That's awesome 👍. I have huge hopes for this. Because it's rumored to be how the X-Men are introduced. And I'm all for the X-Men. Pretty much the only reason support the MCU. Is for the X-Men.

  2. I give – becouse too much marvel shit coming 2021 again same heroes but in different massife masses…. Just I not expected noting good or different from marvel

  3. Most Powerfull Couple Ever..?!? No need join with any Superhero Groups to kick some evil ass just two of them…

  4. It looks okay never really was a fan of vision or Scarlet the only thing I don't like is how come vision is wearing the Mind Stone it was ripped from his head from Thanos so how could he have it in his head and then the Infinity Stones were destroyed buy Thanos himself until they went back in time to fix whatever makes no sense they're starting to mess up these Marvel movies

  5. I'm getting psyched for this….not enough to subscribe to the Mouse Money-grubbing Machine though.

  6. This just aggravates me even more. Lol. Its a MCU show so ofcourse its going to be good. BUT THIS GIVE US NOT A SINGLE BIT OF NEW INFORMATION! LOL

  7. I don't ever see Wanda as the domestic type. I guess it takes something like Vision to make it work.

  8. I hope there’s more to this show than what they show in the previews, otherwise this will be unwatchable crap.

  9. My honest opinion, this show looks wack, like wth is this the 50s? living in a dream/Alternate reality smh looks more like marvel went for a cross btw black mirror/Twilight zone

  10. This clip was posted 11 hours ago. What makes it different than the one I saw several months ago?

  11. Now that I'm seeing more footage, the premise of the show is making much more sense. I can't wait to watch it!