Walking a Tightrope on Ukraine: How India Is Balancing Ties to Russia & United States

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a phone call on Tuesday that he will help peace efforts with Russia, just days after India abstained from a United Nations vote condemning the Russian annexation of four regions in Ukraine. We speak to the prominent Indian activist Kavita Krishnan about the different stances of India’s political parties toward the war in Ukraine and the interrelated struggles against authoritarianism in countries such as Iran and India. India’s foreign policy is currently like “walking a tightrope,” says Krishnan. “It would like to have a relationship with Russia. At the same time, it wants to build a bridge with America.”

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  1. Very misleading and misinformative interview to say the least which is even more troubling when it's coming from self proclaimed independent news organization democracy now. In addition to that alot of generalized and exaggerated statements to frame a false narrative based on her own interpretation of isolated incidents to frame India and its current government as some evil imperialist like the British and now the Americans oligarchs who has take over the control to continue white supremacy agenda from Britain around the world.

  2. India has to look after its intrest not look after what the global elites are expecting

  3. Krishnan is very articulate in her arguments, but it seems like she has been brainwashed from western mainstream propaganda media. There a number is things that were debunked a long time ago; like Trump being propped up by Russia, China's genocide of Uyghurs or Russia's control on Brexit. Absolutely there are big issues in all the countries she mentioned but the worst imperialist on the planet is still America and should be criticized accordingly. The nefarious countries that cause the most death & destruction, manipulation and militarism i.e. America, should be criticized the most.

  4. Kavita Krishnan sounds like shes openly applying for some atlantic councilesque funding/money. Suspiciously close to western talking points during this interview. Interesting.

  5. Krishna seems a great and ethical intelligence, able to clearly spell out the most relevant core values and facts

  6. Comrade Kavita is repeating the thesis of Stefan Engles (one of leading guy of MLPD Germany), who believes, the BRICS nations Russia, China, India and Brazil are the new imperialist countries. However the vast majority of the leftists in the West as well in the South dont agree with this thesis and they see Ukraine as proxy of the Western imperialism against Russia.

  7. India’s position in my opinion is the “tight rope walk with the intent to maintain peace and to also oppose provocation to go to war and to oppose war”
    Far right tag is something that I do not agree with because it can’t coexist with first statement then.

  8. Most Americans don't even realise America is collapsing so take advantage and prepare while things is still on the shelf in the store,

  9. Even exist audiotape how american high ranked diplomats taking which or who is allowed to become Ukraine's prime minister that thay are in game .
    Its about so called orange revolution in 2014 in ukraine

  10. Very one sided narrative with a lot of things hidden, even though it was made to sound balanced.

  11. She is not expressing Putin’s position and she calls the consequences of Maidan propaganda.

  12. This is pathetic Bureaucracy Now Democracy Never. Always find a mouthpiece to repeat the story, hook-line and speculative bullshit.
    Narendra Modi is a King of The Buffalo State. Earlier known as India, now a lapdog of Russia by day, and America by night. Buffalo King SXCKS Power C9CK! Next door
    China can shit on the Buffalos any time it wants, but is just not worth another 1.4 billion people. As for the "Tightrope" Balls – It's the mainstream media
    mud machines which play the donkey-ass tightrope trick everyday. Nothing will actually. Hence F**K this Bullshit. Remember States Are Violent Institutions. End of Story.

  13. Russia as global hub for far right? Ridiculous really. Russia is struggling to have political influence over countries like Ukraine and Kazakhstan. There were no credible evidences of Russian meddling in US presidential elections in 2016 when Trump won. Same is for Brexit which was actually influenced by Torries, British far right (Nigel Farage), Rupert Murdoch and corporate sector. The real global far right hub is MAGA GOP and Steve Bannon. Even the allegations against Dugin are baseless. The guy (although I find his idelology terrible) basically had no influence on official Russian policy. In fact he frequently changes his stances in accordance to official Kremlin policy. Russia basically has no political idelology at all. It's a neoliberal kleptocracy with no idelology or plan for future (except for looting their own country and people, the job they're doing successfully since Yeltsin's coup in 1993) with completely incapable and corrupted elites.

  14. American masterplan is to take out any World Power they think threaten their World Judge & Jury position, America is a friend of no one !! EVERY Country they go to "Liberate "they just ruin, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan to name a few !!

  15. Would be great if you quoted the entire speech from Modi… the rest of it praises their relationship with Russia. Anyone can easily look up the full speech right now and verify for themselves… Why are you intentionally misleading people?

  16. Anybody who thought Modi had criticised Russia, like Amy, obviously failed to listen to the speech and simply took 1 quote out of an entire summit. Why was that the only line quoted in Western media? Answer; they want to propagandize the West with the lie that Russia is a pariah state. The US is a the ultimate pariah and its hegemony is done but they don't want the brainwashed citizens of the West to know the jig is up.

  17. Hey Amy, your Jewish brother Zelensky urges Nato to pre-emptive strike Russia with nuclear weapons. What say you ? Or you pretend not to knowing ?

  18. Why hasn’t the U.S. main stream media address/informed the western world about why the two third of the world population is symptomatic to Russia?

  19. It's sad that for their own political gain some people attack and lie about their country and its government
    Just because no body trusts them back home.

  20. IMHO…
    what's missing from much conversation is Russia's view on its own national security..

    How did we get here
    Prior to the invasion
    MOSCOW — Russia on Friday published draft security pacts demanding NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries and to roll back its military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe — bold demands that the United States and its allies already have rejected.

    After the invasion
    Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded Thursday that the West “immediately” guarantee that NATO will not expand to include Ukraine and blamed the US for inflaming tensions in Eastern Europe ​and increasing the likelihood of war.

    So the follow-up is:
    If any country, let's say China or Russia, had military weapons in Canada or Mexico, the reactions from the US would be…?

  21. India ehem… again. Wow. So democracy now loses all left wing credentials in just one video. I never liked nermeen anyway.

  22. Uygher in the concentration camp have you seen it or you just below smoke out of yours just like everyone else, without any evidence to accused China oppression against Muslim minority, have you visit the Muslim minority in China? We are here between Hui Chinese and Uyghur and all of the minority living together as peacefully as we can after all we have 56 ethnics group and a few more sub ethnic within it, and you open your big mouth accusing us without seeing with your own eyes.

  23. The question is whether Putin was justified in seeing an existential threat and who was disingenuous in the negotiating process leading up to Feb. 24

  24. in Brazil the omission is unbearable! its is related to agrobusiness and affects both the left and the right!! its going to stay as a shame for Brazilian authorities, who could definitely contribute to disenbold Vladmir Putin reckless rhetoric if they clearly repudiate his actions, all shameful and unnaceptable! what are they waiting to do this?!!!

  25. Of all the people they could've invited to talk, they chose this clown Anti-Indian Pro Islamist Stooge to spread more lies.

  26. This is the archetype of the western leftism

    They always think authoritarianism is a bad think

    You can't generalize authoritarianism like that

    This is when they don't understand two things
    1.dictatorship of the proletariat
    2. How systems can be more efficient by using hierarchical system design

    Her views are made by an attempt to ideologically be deplomatic with liberalism

  27. You America how much you try to break india Russia Friendship,you can't do that,ask any india people and citizens of india,they will say Russia is our friend,like time they veto for india on kashmir,American is enemy of india always helped Pakistan against India,well Indian people are not fools,to hell with your democracy,india and Russia are natural ally ,

  28. I would mostly agree with her assessment of severe issues with authoritarianism, fascism, the far right, etc. with all the implications regarding the BRICS countries and also elsewhere, but there is an overarching theme about it all that she either omits or fails to see, which is weird for a true communist imho: the so called "West", especially the USA is not "democratic" but an "oligarchic empire" in nature. And Trump, who most definitely is a "fascist dictator wannabe" is not the real problem here, as a matter of fact. The supposedly benign American "symbolic emperor" Biden is leading the global oppressing empire just fine with no fascist labels attached. The whole system, the establishment is rotten to the core. Oligarchic capitalism is the root of the problem, not some "rogue" individuals like Trump. It's a less patently fascist, more subtle and more sophisticated form of systemic oppression than outright authoritarianism, which is far more obvious to the eye of any obsever, hence ideologically easier to critique and oppose (not saying it is easier to struggle against or deal with, in practice). Still, even if there are perhaps several slightly different ways that lead to authoritarianism, one of them is oligarchic capitalism system as it exists currently in the US, which given time and if relatively unopposed, will ultimately evolve into full-fledged fascism of some variety. America is just not there yet, but it seems to me the course is predetermined.

    There is an illusion of freedom for what are essentially irrelevant things in the West nowadays: you can think and even speak about problems, and blame or even sometimes insult politicians, billionaires and celebrities, but you get punished if you dare to do something to change the existing order, to defy the status quo in a tangible way. It's true that voicing an opinion contrary to the government and/or corporate interests is something "relatively safe" in the West, it's not something you would normally get legally persecuted for, people don't usually end up jailed for simply protesting in the streets or speaking out against the government, unlike in fascist Russia, but there is a default filter for the kind of narratives prevailing in the mainstream discussions, there is a capitalist analogue to the good old Soviet "party line" (corporate censorship in mass media in this case), people get fired for doing things the establishment doesn't want you to do, or in some cases people are allowed to talk, to voice their concerns and demand for rights, but few if any actions to satisfy the demands are ultimately undertaken, ("talk to the hand")… and in cases where certain individuals cross the line and reveal certain things that are deemed to be unvoiceable (e.g. Assange, Snowden), they are persecuted, jailed, tortured or can even be assassinated if needed.

    Low wages, student debt, healthcare costs, unaffordable housing& homelessness, all of which inhabit hte realm where billionaires get ever richer and rest of the population get ever poorer are deep and not at all new problems in the US, that statistically speaking most people in the country are dissatisfied with and for which there theoretically are more than enough resources to tackle, but no real action has been undertaken for decades, even if the big picture only gets worse as the years go by. More so, right now, America pours billions after billions of dollars in Ukraine playing it's geopolitical game under a a variety of pretexts, most of which are presented as the fight for lofty ideals. Ideals that in practice are devoid of real meaning, they are worth nothing when it comes to making life of the majority of its own citizens better. Now think for a moment that the West directly plundered the rest of the world real hard for a long period of time and the US has exploited other countries for decades and keeps doing it as we speak, yet somewhat ironically its own population at large is not even reaping benefits from that, very few are living "la vida loca". So in the end, "We the people" never really mattered and don't really matter right now in the US. For the ruling elites, it's all about the grand domination game, just as in ancient empires, as it has always been.

  29. We Indian don't agree with her views,india people love Russia Russia is our biggest ally since 7 decades,when American were to attack india in 1971 war Russia stood with india and support india,long live Russia and india friend ship,

  30. Indian is talking but words are NATO's.
    Soo good job 👌 so good job spreading western narratives 👍

  31. West stooge…… mis informed , y care about what other countries think
    India should follow its own interests and is successfuly doing so
    Did they throw u some bucks 💰
    So desperate to degrade ur country
    Shameless bigot

  32. Shows what a shit Modi really is. India is supposed to be a democracy, but that arsehole is still in Putin's thrall. It is time that India took the moral high ground and ditched Russia.

  33. Clearly she not the best person to be interviewed about india. She is clearly given her own narrative with twisted facts. Such a shame. Missing every important historical points. She is only condemning Modi government because election is coming. And she chose this platform.

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