Visiting Nelson Mandela’s Prison Cell | Oti Mabuse: My South Africa

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A glimpse into the harrowing conditions Mandela endured during his imprisonment. #OtiMabuseMySouthAfrica #iPlayer

Oti ends her trip in Cape Town, home of her middle sister, Phemelo: the only one of the three Mabuse sisters not to be involved in dance and to have remained in South Africa. In Cape Town Oti visits Robben Island and reflects on what happened to Nelson Mandela and the political leaders of her country’s past. And she reflects on the dark history that, as one of the ‘Born Free’ generation, she never knew first hand.

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  1. This is such a biased piece. Yes the conditions were bad, but in any prison they are, no matter what country. This short is made to make people think the prisoners were left in their cells 24/7. They didn't. If you know the story of Nelson Mandela and his fellow inmates in prison, they worked the mines, that is how his eyes became so sensitive and exercised in the yard, just like in so many prisons at that time in history. It is also not true that all the guards were white and rascist. James Gregory became Nelson Mandela's friend, maybe only one we know of but it disputes the comment that all were rascist. Another point made that Nelson Mandela would be proud today of the South Africa that has become since 1994. I do not believe that to be true. South Africa today is not the democracy he dreamed of, in fact they are far from it and I feel sorry for President Ramaphosa trying to lift the country out of the quagmire it is currently in.

  2. I’ve been fortunate to visit this site, and observe his cell up close. It is almost a spiritual experience to realize that this historical and courageous man was consigned to this tiny cell for 18 years.

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  4. The dude had the same conditions for 12 years as mandela… pretty rude in my opinion to only talk about mandela in front of a prisoner

  5. I have nothing against a total black south africa and I have nothing against a total german germany . the planet is meaningfully divided into cultures, races, mentalities. otherwise – civil wars, conflicts, degeneration. the magic word is Identity.

  6. I can't worship this person anymore. Soon as I found out that his wife is responsible for "necklacing" her enemies. Necklacing is where they fill a rubber tire with gasoline. Put it around your enemies neck and light it on fire. It's one of thee worst ways to die. This was done to teenage boys and girls that snitched on her. Like very young children. That's not the work of a Gandi like figure. War is war. War crimes are war crimes. There are no "good war crimes". This should be taught to people/students. Education should be balanced, just and fair. Lies in education should never be tolerated to create heros.

  7. Such terrible conditions and so inspiring video. I am from Russia, so I know there are a lot of political prisoners in my country (Navalny, Yashin etc.), they are heroes like Nelson Mandela was. I hope and even I know, in near future we will see the same videos from Pokrov and other prisons in Russia.

  8. Nelson Mandela was One of the most Africa Legend and also a greatest Leader.💙 🌍🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  9. The U.S. series The Amazing Race has been on for 34 Seasons, it has traveled South Africa for 3 of them (Seasons 1, 2 & 7), & in Season 2 the teams actually got to visit this prison to retrieve a clue from Mandela's cell.

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