Filmed in one continuous take, a dramatic story of intrigue unfolds as a single woman falls for a man outside of a nightclub with crime on his mind.

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  1. Its a very good plot. A disastreurs bankjob. All was so professionell. I loved it. What camera was used. Did you say on one take. No re taking thats so coool

  2. Frankly speaking
    The story was bit strange.
    Idk, how any girl in her right senses can become so casual friend with totally strange boys, that too in a foreign country, she meets these boys in pub type place n she trusts these boys, goes anywhere in city that too in late night
    I mean anything cpuld hv happen to her, its quite dangerous. On the top of it she gets involved in unnecessary affairs n problems of those strange boys,Not a little sensible mature person will ever do it.
    This is called inviting troubles. What was the need to get in some strangers npnsense in first place?
    Ok, in the end she took money but that also is not sure whether she can safely go out of vountry with the money? Or police will catch
    So the moral of the story is
    B extra careful when u r out in night, b with ur known n trusted ppl
    Girls need to b careful if they want to b safe, right?
    Anyways, i dont think, this would b behaviour of any indian decent girl.

  3. It was ok, I skipped thru quite a bit in 30sec jumps. Too many unnecessary angles in the hotel room at the end. But it’s got enuf tension in the right places, & it shows how life can change dramatically in the blink of an eye. I give it 3 out of 6.., but don’t believe me, I’m no foreign movie buff, nor am I a film critic. I know what I like, & I think it’s way too long. It should of been shot in a single night with just 2 cameras rolling non stop for the length of the movie, & edit a half hour out. 🤷‍♂️. The acting was fine. You tell me what U think.
    💪🐨👍. Good Luck Everybody. 🙏👍💕🎶

  4. The video thumbnail image looks very vibrant, but the video or "movie" description is quite lacking, so I will wait for now on this one. A plot, even a paragraph would be helpful. Just an FYI. I sent you a message also, the other day. Anyway… Best WIshes, John

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