VELMA Trailer (2023)

Official Velma Series Trailer 2023 | Subscribe ➤ | Mindy Kaling Series Trailer | HBO Max: 12 Jan 2023 | More
The origin story of Velma Dinkley, the unsung and under-appreciated brains of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. gang.

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Velma (2023) is the new comedy movie starring Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu and Sam Richardson.

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  1. ‪I love it when a show changes a character brown so they can blame the legitimate criticism as racism‬

  2. lacração nojenta e doentia. feminismo de merda. essa esquerda cada dia destruindo cadavez mais tudo que toca

  3. Scooby Doo without Scooby Doo and change Shaggy black. No, this isn't fucking gigantically idiotic AT ALL.

  4. What have they done to Fred? Voice change aside, why is he a douche? Fred only looks like the high school popular kid but he never acts like one(aside from the movies to my knowledge)
    God this show might be the worst reimaginings of characters since DmC Devil may Cry and that is saying something

  5. people dont have anything more pressing to worry about than what color a cartoon character from a kids show is lmao.

  6. That trailer felt like an hour…nothing even remotely was funny and it actually just pissed me off. Warner bros you are going to keep losing money

  7. i hate how they comepletly blackwashed the charecter and changed shaggy completly

  8. Like it, and i will not call this "woke" just for the race swaps, this looks like Dr House in a dress, love it

  9. Remeber that really bad scooby doo self insert fan fiction you read on the internet? Now it's a tv show!

  10. this looks so ulgy.

    it should have never seen the light of day and I haven't watched the video but from the cover I can tell that its so ulgy.

  11. Funny how the critics liked this but the audience (apart from me) didn’t

    Yeah, I love this show. So what? Come at me

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