UK facing a ‘national emergency,’ says Shadow Chancellor

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves told the Labour conference that the country is “facing a national emergency”, with prices rocketing and people’s wages “not keeping up”.

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  1. Hmmmm….and how perchance did the UK arrive at this point? By doing what they just repeated today?

  2. If trumps legs were on fire………..would urinating on his face, extinguish the flames 🤷‍♂️

  3. The Brits don’t mind and will keep supporting the upper classes through the Tories, because they’ve been told this is necessary to keep their identity. God save the King 😂 😂😂

  4. If her hair looked like it was cut by a talented non profressional relative or friend and her clothes were the same three days in a row..I could believe her more.


  6. I don't live in the UK but they need population growth control as well as do most countries. Human population growth is no longer sustainable.

  7. She was embarrassing to watch, it was like she couldn't read, green energy probably get it free like the broadband Jezza promised🤣🤣🤣😂

  8. They will create devastation and step away from the poisoned challis hand it to labour and blame them

  9. At the next election your choice is clear. Vote Labour to rescue the soul of our country. Or be complacent and let everything that was ever great about Britain slip away. Stop the Tories!

  10. Why didn't they cap the tax cuts " but they didn't "so the rich can then get richer
    How can anybody on minimum wage vote for the conservatives after that ? Plus don't forget that sometime this winter
    They will also be receiving £400 off the conservative government , as well towards their energy costs (when clearly they don't need it )
    I mean if that's not taking the piss out of the working class man / woman
    Then what is !

  11. I can't understand why we are cutting taxes more so for the top earners than the lowest? NHS has had disastrous waiting times for over 2 years now, how many people have died or suffered from worsening of health conditions? (Myself included)
    The common men and women are truly going to feel the brunt of this in the months to come and Truss and her friends pockets are being lined up nicely. The Tory's cannot take office again next term, we must ensure that is the case. It is all of our responsibility.

  12. We needed her 12 years ago !! The government in power now and that WE pay for should be SACKED immediately !

  13. Scaremongering BS from a bunch of idiots who would have done us dragged from one 'climate emergency' to the next all while dragging us back into the 4th Reich EU! Well done Italy for voting for a government that will close your borders and restore national sovereignty!!!

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