Truth | Marvel Studios' WandaVision | Disney+

It all ends tomorrow. Don’t miss the finale of Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision” streaming on Disney+:

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  1. cant believe how happy and hyped i was about this show it really was on par with endgame just so sad i cant re watch it again without knowing what is going to happen

  2. Episode 1 – It’s Alright, %74
    Episode 2 – Okay, %76
    Episode 3 – Not Bad!, %81
    Episode 4 – Little Boring.. %62
    Episode 5 – Cute! %84
    Episode 6 – Epic! %87
    Episode 7 – A.A.A %86
    Episode 8 – I don’t really like history but okay. %64
    Episode 9: YASSS! %97

  3. Episode 1 I give a 92%
    Episode 2 100%
    Episode 3 90%
    Episode 4 95%
    Episode 100%
    Episode 6 100%
    Episode 7 88%
    Episode 8 93%
    Episode 9 100%

  4. "Who is the secret cameo?"
    -All of us
    "What happen if they'll know the truth?"

  5. Lucky bastards don’t gotta wait a whole to week to watch a new episode now. They’ll never understand the pain 😂

  6. Isn't marvel going to do anything about paul bettany, after his outrageous sayings revealed by johnny depp's case?

  7. It's not I'm really into pirated stuff, but the regional limitations really hold me back.

  8. What an amazing, roller coaster series. I love the finale. I'm excited to see more of Scarlet Witch in the future. Her new suit is a Banger!!

  9. loved it so much …. brilliant… last episode was tear jerking. but where is the "second" vision. love you scarlet witch .. xxxxx. waiting for falcon and the winter soldier..

  10. meh the ending is quite a letdown after such huge buildup… throw some more cliffhanger in it, dont be shy

  11. Hi marvel my name is ean jarman and iv been q fan of marvel since I was 3 years old I love it and have a dream to star in it one day i have experience with acting and I'm 14 I hope u can mabye consider it for me to join you in a upcoming movie or show😁

  12. From now, I am not listening to any fan theories since those ruined this show, hyping it up do be something much more complicated. It's about Wanda's grief, something we will all experience one day.

  13. This show was not good. Little to no pay off in the finale either. The actors are good but the plot and pacing were trash

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