TRUE LIES Trailer (2022) Reboot

TRUE LIES Trailer (2022) Reboot
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  1. Pfff …a chier ces gens là ont perdu toute créativité juste se faire du fric facile ça ne vaudra jamais les films et acteur originaux

  2. Just leave it fucking alone guys. Come on! Really? Is this the best you got? A fucking warmed up tv diner version of one of the greatest action meals of the 90s? Fuck you – you stupid, moronic, ass hairs. I swear if any of the people who thought this shit up took a shit before an exam, they would fail.

  3. It's not so much the fact that in a meeting somewhere, someone suggested lets do a spin off of 'True Lies'? It's the fact someone somewhere actually said Yes!

  4. Of course his wife is a "strong female"
    Why why WHY?!
    I'm a Liberal and I'm getting tired of this annoying Disney trope.

  5. nope … nope … and nope
    not everything needs a reboot
    not everythign needs a sequel
    and everything most definitely does not need a tv-series
    things can be best left to the imagination of the audience, because the lack of imagination that the studios have will make it even worse.

  6. Does this even have to be named True Lies? The concept seems generic enough that the title doesn't even really matter and they are just trying to cash in on an old franchise.

  7. They over expose her because she is hot. But everything else looks dumb, amateur acting.

  8. Reboots are so lazy and cowardly. I mean ask yourself the question in 30 years have there been no original material that these movie producers are willing to take a risk on vs the risk of a reboot?

  9. Original was a B movie dressed up in a A movie dressing. And Fun.
    Here? No chemistry, boring, rip-off.

  10. In the first one Helen Tusker (Jamie Lee Curtis) stunned seeing her husband (Arnold Schwarzenegger) killing dozens said, “I married Rambo!”
    Years before that in Demolition Man John Spartan (Rambo) hearing about Schwarzenegger Presidential Library shouted in disbelief, “Stop! He was President?”
    I’m sure this reboot/remake won’t go anywhere near.

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