1. I've watched this movie EVERY October, since it's release. Guess I can finally see it in a theater! WOOT!

  2. I thought this was a reboot! But no😢 I might go see it even though I own the dvd! It will be fun to see it in the movies

  3. This is such a good anthology horror movie an it really blows my mind that it was never made into a franchise.

  4. Watched this little gem an easy ten times +, and I'll definitely see it at the theater if it's playing near me.

  5. For anyone confused (like I was), this movie originally came out in 2007 as a DVD/digital release only, but grew a cult following and is finally getting a theatrical release this October. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it, it's one of the greatest Halloween movies ever made.

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