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  1. I'm hyped for Rat Trap reveal soon, Air Razor breathes fire?

    And there's no decepticons shown, as a millenial, Beast Wars was my jam

  2. This trailer gave me chills…Best trailer I've seen in years. Who is the architect of this, it's a totally new vibe, and it's freakin Awesome.👏👏👏

  3. More importantly, I really really do NOT hated this film. This is the unique kind of Transformers film we have been waiting for.

  4. I really think Hailee Steinfeld is gonna make an appearance because Optimus Prime in this film is just like in the Bumblebee film Post-credits scene.

  5. Wow! Yeeeeesssssss!! I really loved and liked this is one of the most beautiful and greatest Transformers film I've seen because transforming vehicles has me mind-blown.

  6. Character designs look great. But the CGI looks lacking… especially if you compare it to a decade old movie of the same god damn series…

  7. Hopefully Michael Bay doesn't have much of a hand in this. Then it might be worth watching. It does look pretty damn cool though I'll admit

  8. Man, do I miss this franchise. Let's be grateful that this time, Michael Bay isn't putting his dirty hands in directing this new Transformers film.
    After this trailer, I felt as though my childhood is alive again and I feel like a kid again.

    Generation 1 Superior

    Michael Bay Inferior

  9. Ahhh, another visually stunning movie with terrible storytelling only for the sake of a high box office…

  10. The first car in the first scene is Jazz. one hundred percent. And I’m willing to put money on it.

  11. hopefully we will actually see them transform instead of that hideous vacuum of the previous film

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