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The LAND OF TOYS is a world of pure imagination, ruled by the popular doll PRINCESS SHERBET, but when the mysterious DARK ONE threatens Sherbet’s toy kingdom, she turns to the real world in search of a heroic Warrior Prince… unfortunately, she ends up with the imaginative trouble-maker JINOO. He’s been busted by his teacher, grounded by his parents and picked on by the class bully, but when Jinoo accidentally touches Sherbet’s magical Warrior Stone, the spunky sixth-grader is suddenly transported to the Land Of Toys to become the powerful TOY WARRIOR! Aided by the reluctant Princess Sherbet, the transforming Police-bot, R.J. and Jinoo’s amazingly loyal back pack, PING, Jinoo is ready to play Toy Warrior and chase the dark forces across the landscape of imagination. But who is the mysterious Dark One? And why is he corrupting the Land Of Toys? It’s a shocking secret that can only be exposed in the heart of The Dark World, but is Jinoo ready for the truth behind this nightmare villain? The evil is spreading and now both the real world and the very WELL OF IMAGINATION itself are at stake! Our only hope is a hero with heart… the Toy Warrior Jinoo! Directed by KyungWon Lim.

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23 thoughts on “Toy Warrior Full Movie | Animation Movies | The Midnight Screening”
  1. Was looking for this for a while, remember seeing this back on cartoon network in the early 2000s. Very great combo of western and eastern animation.

  2. Lol man we're all in the same boat I guess. I thought this may have been a fever dream but this movie just popped up in the back of my head and had to look it up, I sat back and watched the whole thing and surprisingly remember a lot of this. Also Richard Epcar? Who knew

  3. @The Midnight Screening
    Can you share a link to the full original file for the english dub? I would really love to preserve this piece of my childhood, I can only find the Russian dub DVDrip online.

  4. I am so happy after reading all the comments i always thought no one other than me watched this even my brother forgot about this movie i asked him to watch to watch but he denies i hope he watches and i love this movie 💛

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