Top U.S. & World Headlines — October 7, 2022

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  1. Why protect America from insurrectionists & terrorists, when you can Dick around with Hunter? You have one country. Save it. Dereliction is complicity.

  2. NO JAIL / “Detention center “ should be privatized. Unless those Asylum seekers broke laws, they should NOT be jailed. As well, the conditions described should not be accepted by our government or society.

  3. He wants votes for 2024 thats all he does not care he doesn't care for anything else this country is a mess since President Trump is gone.

  4. I'm making sure all my friends unsubscribe this fake news channel and I'm no longer a democrat.never was and never will be Republican

  5. Amy Goodman is actually on the side of Biden when Putin is in the right on this and she is taking the side of the mainstream media..I'll never watch this hypocrisy again

  6. TWO NFL athletes with TBI, hundreds of soccer players draw-ping de@d from the cov!d v@c$een.

  7. I don't applaud Biden he created the problem. This should have been resolved decades ago. Destroyed the black community.

  8. Offence manor difficult believe preferred additions inquiry staying shy remainder ever wonder written dwelling forbade.

  9. So, while resisting their duty to protect America from an ongoing insurrection, they've been diverting their resources to p— around with Hunter? When they're not †errorising innocent black community organizers? Willful dereliction — of a duty to protect America from terrorists — is complicity.

  10. The missile attack was done by Zelensky as a false flag propaganda effort to make Russia look bad , Zelensky has been doing this a long time now

  11. Can't wait to see Biden behind bars. One down, one more to go! Crime family must be brought to justice.

  12. Wonder where they learned that double tap technique?
    Must have watched the wiki leaks videos.

  13. The whole Hunter Biden thing is a disgrace of judicial parity. WTF?! Stop the travesty. Hunter Biden got a job because he was qualified and connected. Way more qualifications than anything those Drumptard brats could ever claim. Disgraceful miscarriage of justice. Concentrate on prosecuting REPUBLICUNT traitors and Drumpf for STEALING from the American government and committing TREASON!

  14. Still Zalensky refuses to hold negotiations with Rissia while his Country suffers.

  15. Why would anybody need a gun at a school library or museum?.. if you feel like your life is in danger in these environments go somewhere else

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