Top U.S. & World Headlines — October 28, 2022

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  1. Just because man puts his stamp of approval on homosexuals “marrying” each other, does not negate what the Holy Scriptures say about homosexuality.

  2. Stoddard – DEMOCRAT
    Sanger – DEMOCRAT KKK
    Jackson -Democrat INDIAN ERADICATION ACT
    The history of
    DNC rife with racism and segregation as they point at 78 million Americans and demonize your countrymen

  3. In Mexico men can get married to men like congratulations but like what about the cartel can we take those the f*** down I mean can we stop back in the cartel and take them people down or are you to cartel all together to Mexico's cartel all together is that one of those

  4. I want the people know that listen to this that we're all about the same some of some people sells have flaps on them so we're actually immune to coronavirus and other things and other people aren't

  5. The guy responsible that needs to get the f*** out of our justice system seriously you don't you're a cop but you don't study f**** law all the cops should be thrown out of our Injustice system only people that study law should be allowed to force law

  6. The Virus out break from Scientist laboratories NOTHING MORE. Be a free thinker and see for yourself research.

  7. Ukrain3 is whopping your ash up & down out there! 😂 You better leave them people alone and go home! Slava🇺🇦

  8. OMG 😱 look how tiny the little elf is his suit looks like a blankie! Omg that's embarrassing I thought the guy had tons of money look at the suit he is wearing!

  9. senator Robert Menendez is a little little lowlife scumbag and a great example of corrupt American political system. He should have been jailed and not allowed to run for public office decades ago.

  10. Both sides are comparing the other to Nazi Germany because you dont know shit about what Germany fought for. Watch Europa the last battle if you want to know. FYI, none of the sides in this war has any of the values of Germany people during WW2. EUROPA THE LAST BATTLE. WATCH IT! WAKE UP.

  11. Real is real. Ukrainian people personification of perseverance of free thought . Why I love your news like Canadian Broudcasting Corporation. Kidding. News is news.

  12. Bombs loaded up all over need be stopped. Engineered clouds bring end to world. Tool of devil to kill humanity atmosphere burnsbin nuke attack and ends all like on Mars. From following all seeing eye. Steven laurenbowski and kathy allen johnston Jane jordan ruth. Plantagenent evil people enslave highjack america

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