Top U.S. & World Headlines — October 14, 2022

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  1. the more I know about the gov't. the more I am convinced that political leaders should be put on trial after they're term of office – if good they get rewarded, if not …., just to discourage the psycho's and greedy fools.

  2. Fuck the pigs.

    Abolish police, abolish prisons.

    Legs dangling beneath the body of a broken man, his bones, his nerves wrenched into squalid dysfunction by torturous violence enacted on him by the state, by white men.

    Existence cries out to damn this nation state. May it find the souls of all those lost to its crimes against humanity.

    No gods, no masters

    Our blood is on their hands

  3. 90% reduction in the natural world, the poor industrialists will soon have only oil to drink and cash to eat, or each other. HAPPY TIMES IN THE BUNKER ARE HERE AGAIN FOR THE 1%

  4. Kroger – 2,800 stores in 35 states
    Albertsons – 2,250 stores in 34 states … Kroger is the US largest supermarket chain and 2nd largest retailer behind only Wal-Mart … Thanks to the Reagan administration's adherence to the economic ideology of Milton Friedman these kinds of mergers are possible

  5. the courts are a circus, the clowns in charge have decided to give today's white mass murderer a life sentence because the wisconsin parade black mass murderer is on trial, and they have decided already to give him a life sentence. a mass murderer kills strangers and stupid people decide he should'nt be killed after they have proof he killed, such jurors should get punished for being as stupid and careless as today's corrupt incompetent boneheaded politicians…..

  6. It is a pity that none of the brainless jurists family members were killed by the murderer.🤔 Instead of spending all that Money and energy on the victim's Families, it is now wasted to keep the murderer Alive ☠️🤬


  8. Dear rich white liberals: We, the American people, do not give a goat's fart about the riot on January 6th. 65% of the American people believe that January 6th was a riot, not an attempted insurrection, so you're in the distinct minority. We're struggling with the highest inflation in forty years, fears of fuel and food shortages this winter, and a very deep and difficult recession in 2023. But you do nothing about any of that while you focus on your own obsessions. Keep playing your games and displaying your Trump Derangement Syndrome. You just keep providing evidence that you're too out of touch to govern. All you care about is "getting" Trump and pouring our money into the rathole of Ukraine.
    (Disclaimer: Not a Trump supporter, never have been, never will be–but this all-consuming obsession with Trump long ago became a pathology.)

  9. May it be of some comfort to the grieving parents that life in prison is worse than death.

  10. Kastello Vaughan is another inmate who had major intestinal surgery and was left w sever infection and completely emaciated… Other inmates were taking care of him and had to sneak picture to his family saying he needs help or he would die.

  11. As the US continues to ignore it's laws, monopolies keep advancing. Sooner or later, there will be one big company. Oh!?!! There already is!

  12. Haitian people is asking for the application of the resolution 2645🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  13. Haitian people is asking for the application of resolution 2645 by UN🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  14. No worries family, he'll get his quicker in open population. The gun lobby. Instead of sitting on the death row , with lots of crazy admires and aleast ten years for appeals. So let karma take up your suffering. Have faith in karma. If I was Cesar he'd be jerky for loin's and bear's.

  15. I see a change in Florida law coming soon… no longer requiring unanimous vote for death penalty cases. 70/30 is good enough for me. There's always gonna be at least one fucking idiot in every group.

  16. OMG that prison should be held accountable at the highest level of the Law 😡😡😡 such cruelty is absolutely unacceptable 😡😡😡

  17. And then there is Craig Ridley, this story defines belief.ghastly, breathtaking; dehumanised Robotised, psychopathic guards, this is what happens to perpetrators, they become desensitised to the suffering of others, then themselves, loose touch with their own feelings, because they don't express them, they no longer feel them, next they do not feel their own bodies, their own relationships, currently broken people like these, have less feelings than the indigenous, even the animals, creatures, species, surely even the trees, plants they seek to extinguish, now 70% gone! "Now I am become death"….what for? MONEY

  18. Those responsible for such inhuman act, must be brought to justice and sentenced to no less than 27 years behind bars with hard labor.


  20. stupid people don't want to kill a mass murderer? there's a cure for that, put them in the cell with them.

  21. The death penalty is the highest consequence. Killing innocent off guarded young is Barbaric.

  22. Migrants: so many healthy young men & women! Why don’t they fight like the
    Ukrainians & the Iranian women & save their country😪

  23. Damn, prison guards are scum. The whole system is based on torture and violence. The only reform I can think of is close every prison and fire every prison guard in the country and start over.

  24. "I have been in the revenge business so long. Now that it's over, I don't know what to do with the rest of my life."

    -Democrats if Trump ever goes to jail (probably)

  25. The Biden administration is filling up the United states with Spanish countries to replace the black community. This is the plan when they filled up black earth with white people that pushed the black people to death or the mountains. Brazil and Argentina and Puerto Rico and etc were all black nations before white tales. Now these same forgetful bodies can come to America and assume they own it. They’ve shown to also be racist towards black people.
    But in America it’s all about politics and voting. The people that died during Covid will return to vote through the Spanish community.

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