Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 9, 2022

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  1. Yes sir the DC blood money oligarchy, the vote count 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️ha ha ha the precincts and the devil’s political slot machines, do you feel
    Irish outhouse lucky punk? 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Well do you? The devil’s Chi-town vote count 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️ Satan’s election gambling house, upping the vampire high stakes, to a 120% Nazi oligarchy election legitimacy.

  2. PBS is much like theCBC,here,in Canada. They rely on the dull,shiftless leftists to promulgate lies about racism,misogyny etc to keep their funding. After all,how would they keep afloat without public funding ?

  3. "It save my life and it should be there for you, should you ever need it." Many people wait to go to the Hospital, but by then it is too late. This is what a politician should be about, helping the people. I hope he keeps his word.

  4. Re voting: Cops, Drs, healthcare staff, EMTs, military, and more work 12 hour shifts. We need to be able to vote too. We rely on early voting or mail in voting. Remember us when you’re talking about voting hours. If I get an hour for voting and the line is long I can’t vote. After an exhausting 12 hours caring for an infectious patient do you really want that staff standing in line in front of your granny possibly spreading disease? Do you want the policeman NOT available during that time while on duty? The men and women stationed elsewhere need to vote. Remember us

  5. Al-Hawl looks like an Isis camp from here, and to be honest, if foreign invaders were being housed / imprisoned by my country, I'd be pissed if I was expected to share already scarce resources with the invaders or their children.

  6. The social media ban on trump has been pivotal in Trumps lack of success in these midterms , GOP will probably still nominate trump though if there is no further decline in his popularity. Sleepy joe has a good mid term considering the pundit right off these past weeks

  7. Why do I feel that if Brittany Griner was a white man, the U.S. would be doing a hell of a lot more to stop this ridiculous travesty. Russia is getting to up the proxy war with the U.S. express it's own white supremacy and anti-gay sentiments all in one swoop. This makes me sick!

  8. Ro Khana Save Medicare bill will stop bankrupting actual Medicare from the counterfeit Bush Medicare Advantage law

  9. Please support To Khana save Medicare bill and get rid of Medicare Advantage T.V. fraudulent ads

  10. America dodged a bullet with the GOP losses and the strong possibility Trump quitting politics and becoming anusol suppository spokesperson

  11. Allowing slavery? Thats like illegal all over the planet they cant allow slavery they would get so crushed by the rest of the world.

  12. You're living in a foolish dream democracy with people dying in the streets American people dying in the streets living in squalor like pigs get it right.

  13. 11:23 Why is DN! constantly reporting on the Griner story when there are so many serious actual injustices going on? Why should we care about an elite, privileged American athlete, callously willing to take money from a country committing war atrocities, ruled by an evil, murderous, bigoted, racist, despot, dictator? What am I missing here? Why would she go there after all the terrorism, death and destruction of the Ukrainian war that anyone with decency is against? So many corporations are boycotting Russia because of the war, yet she didn't care. Seems karma gave her what she deserves for her greed and carelessly breaking the law.

  14. I meant to say just bringing up the word slavery the mayor thought of that word slavery to be used for people that are in prison it's unacceptable it's the meaning it's so hurtful slavery the mere word is frightening

  15. I'll get it even use the word sleep slave labor in the prison system m********** it's time to bring back slavery you can most of you people can't even see it that's just never been brought up on the table

  16. Every other sentence includes the name Trump. DEMOCRACY NOW please just present the fax and including engaging adjectives or titles such as election deniers.

  17. Won’t be surprised if slavery makes a comeback the way our country is headed. Nothing surprises me anymore

  18. In short, the status quo does not change. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans work for the people. While government talks about human rights for foreign nations, this country ignores those same rights within our own borders as it cheerleads perpetual war against created enemies here and around the world.

  19. Every week, and sometimes 3 times a week, a story about Griner; the same thing, arrested for bringing a Small amount of cannabis oil in to Russia; and again, we don't know how much she smuggled in; that's her story and her lawyer's story….!

  20. 13:30 👀 garbage cocaine pills drunk Catholic toxic males . Garbage

    What's fubar is the GOP/fsb * why that's happening in a round about way… And it happens here in the U.S. it's called murder for " god god god … baloney holes LIV golf oh boy gfy

  21. 8:30 how about close all that BS suit and tie chatter on podiums.. and find a way to divert all that to EV cars bikes boats to those poorer countries.. and legal pot. Abortion etc..secular education.
    UN is lame.
    RU insane waste..
    And GOP , wallst. Very pathetically against common sense..

  22. Griner has been sentenced to 9 year of prison for bringing illegal drugs across the border. "small amount of cannabis" pff

  23. Political & Legal Kabuki theater. It literally doesn't matter (and possibly hasn't mattered EVER).

  24. The more you allow these lgbtq'rs to get in office the greater this country shall decline!

  25. Thanks Amy & DN! In our empire of lies, are those who count the votes & tell us what has & is taking place trustworthy? 😉

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