Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 29, 2022

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  1. Trump can spend time with who he wants to just like you! Judging what you really do not know have you spoken to this man.l? Society is full of white supremacists I'm surrounded by them but they speak and don't bother me at all in person.

  2. Biden don't work for the railroad companies ask the employees what they want no one knows better than them. Biden can't even do his own job talking about the economy. Terrible job totally globalist policies un-American.

  3. When you GOING against the FAMILY that runs the WORLD…. the news always call you crazy……🤫

  4. STUPID FOOLS…. I NEVER voted EVER because I know the TRUTH…. yall go by belief….. I will VOTE for Kanye and Trump…..

  5. Kind of seems like the Nazis didn't actually die but killed the Jews and took their place as refugees, then escaped to Israel, where they now persecute Palestinians.

  6. Kanye West is Semitic if he is African American. Why would he speak against those people unless they did unforgivable?

  7. Shame on you all. If you want peace stop war you obviously don’t understand what you are doing

  8. nato talking absolute nonsense. war mongers. if you dont like war. find peace. stop sending arms to kill ukranians. tell Zelensky to negotiate and stop talking big. I dont believe he is interested to save his country Ukraine and its people.

  9. Trumps false claims? You have investigated this, has anyone, is this not the real news or is that statement quickly made media back covering?

  10. sad how the worst people on earth are given jobs (police). talk bout the fox guarding the hen house

  11. Man you can't call that s*** Justice people lost their lives you can't put a price on that quit belittling

  12. Pro-union my ass Pro corporate you haven't changed a bit Joe all you care about is the almighty dollar

  13. America showed compassion for the over a million Iraqis, Afghans and Libyans. When will the hypocrisy end?

  14. Katie Hobbs should be ARRESTED for standing in elections and controlling the election process, is she the new STALIN?????????

  15. We need to stop getting handouts from these thief’s you call government who enslaved everyone but they care about us lol if you believe that your brainwashed and obviously don’t research or have any common sense

  16. How is any thing biden does democracy now what about the open boarder one man destroys the whole country

  17. With all my respect to all good American citizens .
    To avoid further escelation in Ukrain/Russia confloct , please do something to stop your corrupt leaders , because they way things are going , by their stupid decisions , it's leading Ukrain war , towards WWIII .

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