Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 14, 2022

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  1. Address government weather weapons and HARP and chem-trails if you want to point to climate change! See Deborah Travares on YouTube for documented evidence.

  2. Nature is brutal. Look at the face of this "Democracy NOW" yes NOW. Her pathological hatred for anything that is not in line with her liberal agenda of looting under the disguise of "social justice" is engraved in her face.
    Would you trust that woman to walk your dog? Your puppies would for sure be shit scared.

  3. Meanwhile back in America “American black people”: can’t get business loans are discriminated against in the housing market, redlined, gentrified, locked out of commercial real estate ownership, mass incarcerated, fathers removed from homes systemically, relegated and ruled over economically, being looked over in the job and loan process by immigrants, no banks or grocery stores, no trade viability to develop our own, targeted by police, music controlled by executives that are not black that continues to brainwash our children, social engineering, Reagonomics…and the list goes on. How about America start doing right by black Americans along with concerning itself with other countries since it acts like it cares so much about the state of the world 🇺🇸

  4. Why don't you mention that the Turkish government REJECTED the condolences of the US!!?


  6. Respectfully asking Mrs.Goodman or any reader. You really think that Democracy is real, and or possible in US while people vote under vulgar elections rule called citizens united but corrupt greedy money and power elect ?

  7. Democracy now, why don't you tell all the truth? Why don't you admit, as surely you know, that the person who was convicted and sentenced to death in Iran, had murdered an unarmed motorcycle police, by running over and dragging him for several hundred feet with his car? Several dozen policemen, armed with paintball guns, in order to mark the leaders of the riots in Iran have been murdered in Iran, but western media conveniently ignores that, trying to keep its audience in ignorance.

  8. Not much of an Elon fan but those blue checks are truly freedom at its best. We now know who are screwing us and it’s shareholders. We are not free we are slaves to Wall Street and central banks. Vote all you want you can vote out what is bought.

  9. Their not baseless. You’re paid to say as much.
    Ukraine kept press out of Kherson. Just like Bucha and Izyium.
    This channel is an extremely partisan joke

  10. wait a minute. Baseless? They still arent done. what a joke this channel is. democrarcy .lol.

  11. Democracy Now ihas gotten so weak and is akin to orporate shill and US pro dem propaganda agency

  12. This isn't news, the way this woman spent her time editorialising the USA elections was amazing. Is this news in America?

    The sound was also popping, this was horrible, how'd this channel get on my feed?

  13. I am thankful for the good work you did , I am now HERPES VIRUS free after I used the medication you sent me , may God bless you Dr Aluda on YouTube with more wisdom.

  14. No advertising revenues and a mega travel budget for DN, as the conglomerate networks enjoy. Like their comfort in 20th century political news narratives, this is how inquisitive their followers are. Where is this money coming from?

  15. These people keep uploading propaganda that will serve as perfect evidence against them in the future. This is too easy.

  16. Presidents of countries meet to discuss environment concerns and other interests.. but in the end nothing happens. Time goes by and that’s it.

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