Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 11, 2022

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  1. Amy, why don't you report on the almost daily Himar bombings of cities in Donetsk and Lugansk by the Ukrainian army using weapons and ammunition given them by the US and NATO? People are dying, injured and becoming homeless in Eastern Ukraine due to this war and yet are treated like they're invisible. You are one of the few tv and radio news programs that report on the violence against Palestinians by the IDF using western weaponry, so why the silence about the people of the Donbas, 14,000 of whom were killed by Ukrainian forces, including the Azov Battalion, since the US promoted Maidan Coup in 2014? You're better Amy than to be a more subtle war promoter than CBS's racist, obnoxious Charlie D'Agata who treats the war in Ukraine like it's a video game and unprofessionally roots for the Yankee "good guys" like they're preparing for Iwo Jima 2.0. There are two sides to the Ukrainian conflict and you should report on what's happening to civilians in the Donbas. Otherwise, you're unintentionally promoting MIC propaganda about it.

  2. Zelensky’s scripted is from the world economic forum’s media handlers. This channel has lost its purpose.

  3. Democracy Now is a disgrace in these days…just another font of US propaganda…what happened to you Amy?

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  9. just cam from beijing last month ,they havent been in lockdown all year . the cities in lock down are guangzhou and shangahai . xian and guiyang were in lock down earliar this year for like a mouth . the people that are not returing to beijing have probably left china , because its impossble to to come back unless you want to speed thousands . my gf just return ,it took like 2 weeks to get home and thouansds of dollers .normal chinese people cant afford the burden of covid regulations since everything is at your own expense and nothing is sure

  10. Greetings from the Zionist Empire. First, Palestinians do NOT live in "Refugee camps". There is no such thing as a 75 year old, "Refugee camp". Second, you failed to mention that the 15 year old boy was armed. Have a nice day.

  11. isn't it really odd how all over the country of America people will vote for lower offices such as the treasurer and the secretary of individual states yet when it comes to the governor's and senators all of the states suddenly shift far leftward taking 10-point leads in every other race and turning it into 0.5% clinchers.

    really weird how this always goes in One direction, but God forbid you point that out otherwise you'll be accused of stating election fraud.

  12. With all this crisis happening around the world one needs to have different portfolio,I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable.

  13. If Lake in Arizona won’t accept loss of the election Ocean will recognize the election and will move forward. 😁😁😁

  14. There,s no Democracy in the United States of America, Democrats are always stealing Votes ,they always play Dirty, they lie, cheat,steats..a d the Media back them in there,s Dirty work.

  15. The irony of the channels name 'Democracy Now' is nothing if not amusing.
    Every time they refer to Hillary Clinton will they preface her name with 'election denying ' as they have used on this broadcast to their Republican candidates.
    Once again, Democrat candidates that couldn't fill a public bathroom, are winning by razor thin margins.
    The Democrats have pulled out their magic vote generating wand in the form of mail in votes that seem to found miraculously in boxes in the trunks of people's cars.
    We all can smell a rat and it wears a blue frock.

  16. "Acute food crisis …. which hit worst those countries suffering from existing manifestations of climate change, catastrophic droughts & large scale floods." What Zelensky forgot to say: Notwithstanding all of of the above, in the past 5 months, we sent 98% of all our grain exports to Europe & Turkiye.

  17. With everything that is happening, most of us are paycheck away from being homeless. hope we are all prepared, get yourself an alternative source of income or watch your children suffer.

  18. Apparently boobert s' husband exposing himself to a little girl those "so-called" Christians and "Republicans" don't care. That's sick and she doesn't have a college education. People are apparently ignorant in that country. Nothing but disgust.

  19. You wouldn't know democracy if it hit you in the head. Maybe you should say Republic now.🙃

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