Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 25, 2023

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  1. So Putin says the US and Germany sending tanks to Ukraine is a provocation, but Russia invading Ukraine isn't a provocation?

  2. 😂 the US is conning Europe, they are never sending those Abram tanks, they will send some alternative and give excuses later but Ukraine is not getting the Abrams.

  3. It's about time, if they had sent tanks, when Russia, was lining up a long the border. Ukraine could have lined up tanks along the border and deterred an invasion in the 1st place.

  4. Ahh the lovely NZ prime minister who said all non vaxed should be put in camps. Good riddance to her.

  5. A handful of tanks isn't changing anything. What happened to all the tanks they started with? These will meet the same fate

  6. The proxy war will soon turn into a world war, then the nukes will come into play.. aren't we all so very lucky! Seriously, remember that this all started because of NATO seeking to broaden its authority into the Eastern bloc, a provocation which was always known to lead to a war with Russia, the only winners of this war is the military industrial complex.

  7. The fact that Black people around the globe are waking up at the same time should be covered. Get ahead of the storm!

  8. An Ad I'd Like to See !
    $1 Million Reward !!!
    For Information leading to the Arrest and Conviction
    Of the Criminal(s) Responsible for the Assassination(s)
    Of Journalists.
    The Funds could be put up by Legitimate Journalists and News Agencies Like PBS !

  9. This is a National SCANDAL!!
    Find the children now!!
    Remember our Holy innocents in captivity!!
    In the Rats Nest!!
    We shall see!
    Enough is enough
    Your title has been removed!!
    Look up crown corporation
    Companies house Uk
    The Peoples Hold Highest Title!!
    Free the children Now
    We see you
    We have irrefutable evidence!
    No one is left behind
    No more excuses
    No more Strawmen!!
    No more floating our birth certificates on the stock markets!!
    Our True Sovereign Birthright!!
    Trust funds!!
    For you to live in abundance
    They currently stealing this too!
    Check out Rothchilds line
    Evil satanic creatures that they are!!
    Eating our babies!
    As we speak!
    Clear and present Danger to society globally
    Illegal infiltration of Nations
    Countries within Countries
    London Westminster
    Washington DC /Columbia
    Vatican Rome!
    We see you all
    Complicit in Crimes Against Humanity!!

  10. Have u Secured a seat on the last & ONLY shuttle leaving planet earth before THE UN DILUTED POURED OUT WRATH OF GOD hits the fan. At the moment of this post seats are still available to the faithful . THE WAs4


  11. People should know the history of America 🇺🇸 tell the truth and stop saying Chris C discovered America😢

  12. Where is Human Right in England,America,and Israel,and France?????but they talking about the others countries Human Right!!🤣😂🤣😂😁😄😁😂😹😹😹😹👈

  13. Still no video about Europeans protests against their World Economic Forum appointed governments 👏👏👏

  14. We need to start sweeping the homes and offices of every government official from now on for docs.

  15. I just have to wonder out loud , could he be yet another victim of the pegasus surveillance program ( Martinez Zogo )

  16. Defund Ukraine and peace in Ukraine; abolish NATO; don't let Sweden in NATO; open all borders and declare that no human is illegal; solidarity with the activists in Eswatini; justice for Thulani Maseko; justice for Martinez Zogo; teach children in all grades an accurate history, an accurate account of racism in America, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and the 1619 Project; Ron DeSantis' book bans are in violation of the first Amendment; arrest Trump, Biden, and Pence for stealing classified documents, as well as other crimes; nationalize Google as well as all social media companies but apply the First Amendment to them; nationalize all monopolies and put the means of production in the hands of the workers; imprison all CEOs who's companies were found to have lead in the baby food, and nationalize all that were found to have lead in them; nationalize Wal-Mart, implement a living wage, and put the means of production in the workers' hands.

  17. Chris Hipkins and CArmel Sepoloni are gone in Oct and so is the Labour Party of NZ tools for the capitalist state and corporations

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