Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 18, 2023

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  1. Universities are cheating the students by having graduate students teach other students right after they graduate. But students pay for a professor but the get a brand new graduate student whose just one year ahead of them and don’t have a teaching degree. Actually full professors don’t have teaching degrees!!! Think about that.

  2. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except by me John 14:6

  3. The western world is really propping up this Maria Ressa, this CIA propaganda spokes person. It's good she's still hated by 99% of Filipinos.

  4. If the death penalty is not to be used for killing 20+ persons. Then what was it meant for ??

  5. Ahhh…..the inside job of assassination…..made to look like a malfunctioning copter…I see you Putin……I👀👀👀you!!

  6. Why has the US never sent billions of dollars or military equipment to Syrian Government? South African Government? Or any other Black Countries Government? Their's African American tax payers whose tax dollars equates to hundreds of trillions of dollars yearly! Yet Ukraine isn't and Wasn't a member of NATO. You hypocrites and unrighteous nations. God repays evil for evil without mercy.

  7. AMERICANS, Eyes blind, but open. America begin it's decent with Reagan. Having guns unregulated is a recipe for disaster.

  8. Did Amy’s delivery always sound like the news from 1938 or is this a recent development? I’ve been watching documentaries of WWII and the similarities are uncanny.

  9. This is for you: Your struggle is valid but so is your strength. Keep your heads up everyone.

  10. I am disgusted that the DOC backed down on the mass assassination and hate crime prosecution in El Paso. Texas still allows death penalty. I personally think it only perpetuates violence. However, I feel that the prosecution should not be hobbled. The prosecution should be a message that hate crime and murder would be a capital conviction. Sadly I don't think a federal jury in that district would impose the death penalty. If it should do so though, the president can commute the sentence to life in prison. I feel that he should.

  11. Democrats had set the bar for honesty solo even the Republicans are getting on board with the dishonesty. God save the Republic

  12. Very depressing news, the rise of far the right around the world and extremists assigned to committees, very disturbing, especially Santos, this unqualified deceptive liar, no doubt was created with help, of other far right, crazies, however, assigning him to a committee was proof that his false background was planned simply to get elected, sadly, this in and of itself should be grounds for dismissal…in my opinion !

  13. Democracy now please do a segment on how much money is being made off this war! Like world war II!

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  15. Hey – are there any americans out there who have not contracted zombie-ostrich 22? Happy indifference in proxy pride – a scapegoat for your bloodlust! How's the slav trading?

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